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SoftCloak VPN Review – What Can You Expect?

Monday, April 21st, 2014

SoftCloak is a pretty new VPN service that made its debut in 2013. Although the service was launched recently, the team behind SoftCloak has almost two decades of experience in providing security solutions to customers. In this SoftCloak VPN Review, we will reveal the features of the service and recommend if it is worth subscribing.

Server Locations and Site Access

SoftCloak offers a very limited choice of VPN gateways. The company has a presence in just 3 countries – United States, Netherlands and South Korea. The service makes it incredibly easy to unblock location restricted American, Dutch and South Korean services like Netflix, Rara, CBS, HBO Go, ABC Player, Spotify, CWTV, NHL, Amazon Prime, C3TV, TV Lab, Xfinity, MTV, Sport1, Pandora, USA Network, Vudu, MLB, Film1, FOX, Hulu, Deezer, RTVNH, TNT, AT5, NBC and Vevo from any country in the world. In addition, you would be able to access frequently blocked mainstream sites like Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Skype and Twitter from China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Thailand as well as from behind your school or workplace firewalls. SoftCloak even allows unlimited server switching through its network so you can unlock local content from 3 different countries with one VPN account.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

SoftCloak does not restrict speed or bandwidth in any way. This makes the service ideal for resource hogging activities such as streaming of HD TV shows, movies and live sporting events; downloading of huge data files, VOIP and multiplayer online gaming.

Privacy Settings

SoftCloak delivers its service via the OpenVPN protocol and encrypts data with military grade 2048-bit encryption. The high level of encryption ensures that your important details such as passwords, credit card numbers, IP addresses, social accounts and bank login information gets obfuscated and remains protected from theft, misuse and other kinds of security threats. The service even creates a tunnel of security and protects your open wireless sessions from hackers and sniffing programs while you are using a Wi-Fi hotspot at a public park, library, airport or shopping mall. Furthermore, the service allows you to protect all kinds of online activities (email, IRC, FTP, VOIP) with just one VPN configuration.

SoftCloak does not record traffic logs or spy on customers’ online activities. The company can’t hand over customer data to third parties since it collects bare minimum personal information (just the email address) during the signup process.

Supported Operating Systems

SoftCloak is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS (iPads, iPhones) and Android. The company provides a customized version of OpenVPN software for Windows and Android. In addition, the service is available for Mac and iOS through Tunnelblick and OpenConnect app respectively. The company has published step-by-step setup instructions on its website so it is really easy to configure the service on any device. Customers who need to secure multiple devices would be pleased to learn that the service can be used from 3 different devices at the same time.

Customer Support

The company offers support only through support tickets. The company has not published any kind of troubleshooting information on its website so the lack of live chat option is indeed disappointing.

Pricing Options

SoftCloak’s plans are available for $7.5 per month and $75 per year. The company does not have a refund policy in place but it does offer a 24 hour trial for $1. If you need to secure more than 3 devices at the same time, you can buy additional security for $20/year per additional device.

Final Verdict

SoftCloak certainly excels as far as the privacy and security features are concerned. However, since the company offers very limited choice of server locations and its official portal doesn’t look professional, the service is unlikely to find favor among the VPN community. Still if you want to test the capabilities of the service, we recommend that you subscribe to the 1 day trial offered by the company before making any long term commitment. For more information, please visit: www.softcloak.com.

April 21, 2014
  1. Leighann Schwanke said on June 28, 2014 9:01 am:

    I use Astrill all the time and really like the service. I’m living in China now and use it to access my facebook account. It’s definitely great as it allows me to keep in touch with my friends and family.

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