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ShadeYouVPN Review

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

ShadeYouVPN is an affordable privacy service that was launched very recently (end of 2013). The service is brought to you by a stable company having offices in both Ukraine and Netherlands. This article will provide an in-depth ShadeYouVPN review of the service so that you can make an informed subscription decision.

Server Locations & Site Access – As of now, ShadeYouVPN has got VPN servers in ten different countries. The company has servers and infrastructure in United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Russia, Sweden, Spain, France and Ukraine which reveals its strong focus towards American and European markets.

As soon as you connect to the service, you will get a new IP address from one of the above ten countries. The new IP would allow you to bypass GEO-IP restrictions used by On-Demand content providers and access your favorite streaming services from any part of the world. For instance, you would be able to watch premium content on Netflix, Canal+, Spotify, RTL, HBO Go, Deezer, iTV, BBC iPlayer, Voddler, MyTV, Russia TV, TVB, Hulu, Xfinity, CBS, Sky Go, MLB, ABC Player, Amazon Prime, Eurosport, Viasat, MyTV, Demand 5, Pandora, USA Network, NBC, NHL, Vevo, 4OD, MTV, Lovefilm, CWTV, Rara and FOX without having to face “Content Unavailable” messages.

Additionally, by changing your IP address through ShadeYouVPN, you would be able to circumvent firewalls and censorship at foreign locations as well as institutions (schools, universities, workplaces etc.). We all know that many countries (including China, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Brazil) have strict censorship laws and a lot of organizations block social media sites within their networks. ShadeYouVPN makes it easy to access Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Viber, YouTube and Gmail even if it they are blocked at country or institution level.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth – ShadeYouVPN does not limit speed, traffic or bandwidth for its subscribers. The service is perfect for resource intensive activities (for example gaming, torrenting, downloading, streaming, VOIP etc.) that need a strong and dedicated infrastructure in place. The company even reinvests part of its profits into improving its infrastructure to ensure that the customers do not have to face speed issues or network bottlenecks.

Privacy Settings – ShadeYouVPN is designed to provide strong security for sensitive activities such as online banking, social networking, instant messaging and emailing. The service uses the best protocols (OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP) and encrypts data with upto 256 bit AES encryption (with 1024 bit keys) which makes it incredibly secure and almost impossible to crack. The service can also be used to shield online sessions from government surveillance and protect private data when using Wi-Fi networks at public places.

ShadeYouVPN doesn’t keep a log of its customers’ online activities. What’s more, the company doesn’t require any personal information during the signup process so you can subscribe to the service anonymously.

Supported Operating Systems – ShadeYouVPN offers protection for multiple systems including computers and mobile devices running on Windows (XP/Vista/7/8), Android, Mac, Linux and iOS (iPads and iPhones). The provider offers a no-frills VPN client for Windows which offers one-click connection/disconnection as well as switching of servers. For other devices and OS, the provider offers step-by-step installation instructions (with detailed screenshots). The best thing about the service is that it supports OpenVPN on all systems (including mobile devices) plus it can be used from as many as 5 devices simultaneously. The company even provides a free anonymizing tool (proxy) from its site which is perfect for light browsing sessions.

Customer Support – The provider offers support through live chat, tickets and Teamviewer (remote assistance). Unfortunately, the live chat support is not available round the clock so it is better to contact the support team through the form available on its website.

Pricing Options – ShadeYouVPN is one of the cheapest VPN services that we have come across. The service costs $3.95/month, $9.97 for 3 months (16% off), $16.98 for half year (28% off) and $25.99 per annum (45% off). For total satisfaction, the company also provides 24 hour trial and 7 day money back guarantee to subscribers. However, the money back guarantee is available only to those customers who are unable to use or connect to the service due to technical reasons.

Final Verdict – ShadeYouVPN delivers a high quality privacy service at an affordable price. Although the service is quite new and the provider doesn’t have servers at many important locations (such as Canada), it offers an easy and reliable way to secure privacy on the web. So if you are looking for a trustworthy privacy service that is easy on the pocket, do not forget to try the service. For more information, please visit: www.shadeyouvpn.com.

January 14, 2015

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