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How To Secure Your Twitter Account On iPhone

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites on the web which makes it possible to post our thoughts in as little as 140 characters. Unfortunately the site is also associated with spamming since it makes it easy to get a message across to thousands of people. If you use Twitter for personal or business use then it is vital to keep your account safe from hackers or spammers. In this article we’ll offer some helpful tips for how to secure your Twitter account if you are an iPhone user:

1) Use Strong Passwords and Login Verification

If you want to keep your Twitter account really secure, you should use extremely strong passwords that cannot be breached by guesswork or dictionary attacks. Do not use your personal details (including name, location etc.) in your passwords and make it a point to include numbers, mixed case letters and alphabets. For additional security, you must also enable Login Verification (2-step verification) feature provided by Twitter. This will ensure that your account cannot be accessed without entering the special code sent by Twitter. It would also help if you log out of your Twitter account if you are not planning to use it for a long time.

2) Use Touch ID

By using iPhone’s Touch ID feature, you can ensure that your personal data (including Twitter account) does not get compromised even if you lose your phone. Apart from biometric security, Touch ID also allows you to set longer (and stronger) passwords that are much more difficult to crack.

3) Update Twitter App

Twitter offers an extremely user friendly app for iOS but you must make it a point to update it as soon as new updates are available. A lot of hackers try to steal data by exploiting security vulnerabilities present in older versions of apps so it is in your best interest to keep all the apps updated.

4) Update Firmware

Apart from updating apps, you must also update iOS from time to time. As with any other operating system, Apple regularly discovers security flaws in iOS and releases patches to fix them. By keeping your firmware up-to-date, you would ensure that your personal data (including Twitter login details) does not get compromised.

5) Avoid Click on Suspicious Links

Twitter is very liberal with links so it is frequently used for phishing, distributing malware and stealing personal data. Make it a point not to click on suspicious looking links so that your Twitter account doesn’t get compromised. If you are not sure about a link, use an URL expanding service that can help you to decide whether a particular link is leading to a fake or suspicious website.

6) Use a VPN

A VPN is a privacy tool that keeps your online sessions secure and private. If you travel a lot and use Wi-Fi facilities available at public places then it is very easy for hackers to steal your personal data. When you use a VPN, you are essentially encrypting the data flowing to and from your iPhone and keeping your personal and app data safe from theft and misuse. Some of the VPN Services that we suggest include:

December 12, 2014

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