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Secure Messaging And Browsing Apps Top The List Of Most Installed Apps

Friday, July 24th, 2015

Enterprises are increasingly ramping up their security by adopting secure browsing and messaging apps; a recent survey has revealed. The survey was conducted by California based mobile security solution provider Good Technology which lists more than 6,200 companies from around the world, including aerospace firms, banks and defense companies listed in Fortune 100, as its customers. The results were published in tenth edition of Mobility Index Report which makes use of data collected by Good Technology from its customers and provides statistics related to adoption of new devices, apps and platforms.

As per the report, the activations of secure mobile apps grew by 300 percent in 2014 and 65 percent in the fourth quarter of the year. The year also witnessed a tenfold increase in activation of apps that provide securing browsing capabilities and nine fold increase for secure instant messaging apps. As far as quarterly figures were concerned, secure mobile browsing apps topped the list of most activated apps with 197 percent quarter-to-quarter increase while secure instant messaging apps witnessed a 131 percent jump in activations. The report also shows a 400 percent annual increase and 26 percent quarter-to-quarter increase in the number of activations for apps built with the company’s Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform.

With the number of cyber-attacks against major companies on the rise, the above figures provides a real insight into how public sector and private organizations are trying to deal with the menace. The stats clearly show that businesses are increasingly become aware of the dangers posed by the modern technology and are investing in solutions that can help them to ward off mobile based attacks. Since a lot of employees now use their own mobile devices for official work, companies are increasingly asking them to switch to secure browsing and messaging apps so that business secrets and conversations don’t get leaked due to the presence of a rogue malware on users’ devices.

The report also cited recent attacks against major corporations, including the Sony hack which occurred late last year, compromise of network security of a large healthcare provider, hacking of U.S. Central Command Agency’s official Twitter account as well as the breach of banking infrastructure in over 100 countries; in the report. The report says that as a result of these attacks, enterprise demand for secure apps has increased across the board. It also points out that with the rapid increase in the number of high profile attacks, businesses of all sizes are now investing in apps which are specifically designed for security.

Acknowledging that the end user could be considered as the weakest link in enterprise security model, Good Technology’s CEO Christy Wyatt said that it is important for organizations to ensure that everyone including business partners, customers and employees are using secure apps that can help them to build resiliency against large scale security attacks. He also added that managing and mitigating cyber risks is among the biggest challenges currently being faced by the enterprises.

The results presented in Mobility Index Report clearly show that while enterprises are increasingly adopting and monetizing mobile technologies, they are also aware of the current security scenario and are taking steps to mitigate such risks.

July 24, 2015

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