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How To Save Money On Hotel Bookings With A VPN?

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

If you are an expat, business traveler or a tourist then you might already be using a VPN service to stream your favorite TV shows, protect your privacy at Wi-Fi hotspots or to bypass censorship in foreign countries. But did you know that it is possible to save money on hotel bookings, air tickets and car rentals with the help of a VPN service? We have already covered how to save money on air tickets and car rentals with the help of a VPN service so in this article we are going to focus on how to find the cheapest hotels rates.

Do Hotel Charges Vary According To Customer Location?

People who travel a lot tend to do a lot of research and even use comparison websites to get the cheapest rates while booking a hotel room. However, apart from some seasoned travelers, not many people are aware that hotel fares can even vary depending on the customer location. Most people do not hesitate to book a hotel room as soon as they spot a good deal but they fail to realize that they could have saved a lot more just by “appearing” to be from a different location while conducting their searches and making hotel reservations. Since travel portals rely on IP addresses to determine the location of their customers, you can easily conduct searches from a different location just by changing your IP address with the help of a VPN service.

There are a number of reasons why such geographical price differentiation exists. Hotels based at popular tourist hotspots may charge a premium from foreign tourists while offering significantly lower prices to local customers. Some hotels even seek to improve their bottom lines by having one set of prices for customers visiting from wealthy Western countries and another for customers from poorer regions. This practice is not limited to travel sector either; even gaming and software companies have different set of prices for different regions.

How To Save On Hotel Bookings With A VPN?

Step 1) First you need to subscribe to a VPN service which has servers in a large number of countries. Here are some trustworthy service providers which have stood the test of time:

While subscribing to a VPN service is not exactly free, your investment would be recovered by the savings you make on your travel costs. Also, remember that subscribing to a VPN service would keep your online activities private and allow you to stream your favorite On-Demand services from foreign locales. If you don’t want to spend money on a VPN service, then you can also make use of the free trials offered by many service providers to save money on your hotel booking.

Step 2) Once you have finished installing the service on your computer or mobile device, you must check the hotel room rates for the desired date with your real IP address (i.e. with the VPN service disabled or switched off). Here are some of the best travel portals and hotel price comparison websites:

– Trivago – http://www.trivago.com/
– Kayak – http://www.kayak.com/
– Hotels.com – http://www.Hotels.com/
– Priceline – http://www.priceline.com/
– Booking.com – http://www.booking.com/
– Expedia – https://www.expedia.com/
– HotelsCombined – http://www.hotelscombined.com/
– HotelHunter – http://www.hotelhunter.com/
– BestHotelOffers – http://www.besthoteloffers.net/

Make a note of the prices for your preferred hotels.

Step 3) Close the browser and clear the cache as well as cookies (or you may use the Private/Incognito browsing mode for the next steps).

Step 4) Switch to an IP from a different region and check the hotel prices again. If you are based in United States then you must check the room rates with a European/Asian/African/Australian IP address to find cheaper rates.

Step 5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 at least 5-10 times (with different IP addresses) until you find the lowest prices for a particular hotel. This may take a while but it could also help you to save a lot of money.

Step 6) Book the room with the same IP address which showed the lowest price.

April 26, 2016

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