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SafeVPN Review – Advanced VPN Solutions

Friday, May 31st, 2013

SafeVPN is brought to you by Feel Safe Inc. which is a Belize based company. Founded in 2010, the company offers a range of dedicated IP and VOIP based VPN solutions to cater to the needs of its customers. In this SafeVPN Review, we look at the features offered by SafeVPN and decide whether or not the service is worth the subscription price.

Server Locations

SafeVPN has VPN servers in United States and United Kingdom. Even though the choice of server locations is extremely limited, by using the VPN service you should be able to unblock location restricted services like Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, iTV Player, BBC Player, Lovefilm, HBO Go, NBC, CBS, Netflix and Pandora from any location in the world. Plus the high level of security offered by the company allows you to bypass every kind of firewall and restriction and unlock sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Skype from locations like China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brazil and Bahrain.

Speed and Bandwidth

SafeVPN does not throttle speed nor do they put any kind of restriction on bandwidth. This makes it easy to stream movies, play games, download huge files, make VOIP calls and browse without worrying about hitting your monthly bandwidth limits.

Privacy Management

SafeVPN does not keep a log of user activities. However they do record login/logout time and details of bandwidth usage for maintenance and troubleshooting. These records are purged after few days plus they are never sold to third parties or advertisers. The company uses 128 bit – 256 bit encryption to protect your online sessions so you can use the service to secure your emails, chat sessions, VOIP, FTP and Forex without having to worry about compromising your personal details. The VPN is also an ideal choice to secure your Wi-Fi sessions while using unsecure public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Supported Systems

The SafeVPN service is available for a wide range of operating systems and devices including Windows/Mac/Linux based laptops, iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), Android Smartphones and tablets as well as Xbox 360, Smart TVs, PS3 and DD-WRT routers. The installation and configuration is very simple but it varies from protocol to protocol and one device to another. The company allows you to configure one VPN plan on multiple devices but more than one simultaneous connection is not allowed. The company provides a dedicated IP with each plan; however they do not offer dynamic IP addresses as of now.

Customer Support

SafeVPN provides 24 X 7 customer support through Email, Skype and ICQ. The company has published a wealth of VPN knowledge on its portal so make sure to check out troubleshooting guides available there before you contact the support staff.

Pricing Options

SafeVPN offers multiple VPN plans to suit everyone’s budget. The PPTP/L2TP plan is available for 5 Euro/month (25 Euro for 6 months), the OpenVPN plan is available for 6 Euro/month (35 Euro for 6 months) where the mixed plan (OpenVPN + PPTP/L2TP) is available for 7 Euro/month (40 Euro for 6 months). The company charges a 3 Euro setup fee for monthly plans but it is waived for half yearly plans. Each plan comes with a dedicated IP and a pre-defined server location however it is possible to buy additional IPs and access other locations by paying extra (3 Euro/month for each extra IP and each extra server). The company also offers customized VOIP solutions for those customers who are looking for advanced VOIP solutions. The company does not offer any free trial but there is a 3 day money back guarantee so you can test different aspects of the service without worrying about losing your money.

Final Verdict

On the whole, SafeVPN is a trustworthy VPN service. Even though the company does not have servers in many important VPN markets, they offer advanced VPN solutions to cater to a variety of security needs. So if you are looking for a totally secure and reliable VPN provider that offers customized VPN solutions, look no further than SafeVPN. For more information, please visit: www.Safevpn.net.

May 31, 2013

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