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Safe-iNet VPN Review – A Highly Secure Privacy Service

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

Safe-iNet VPN is a privacy offering from Insorg.org, an established provider of proxies, anonymous email, VPN and other services. Launched in 2009, the privacy service comes with several distinguishing features including double and triple VPN tunneling. In this Safe-iNet VPN Review, we will focus on the most important features offered by the provider and also recommend whether you should subscribe to the service.

Server Locations & Site Access – Safe-iNet’s VPN network consists of servers located in 18 different countries including United States, Netherlands, Canada, United Kingdom, Malaysia, China, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Turkey, Austria, France, Ukraine, Spain, Panama, Romania and Italy. The service makes it easy to switch to a local IP from the above countries as well as unlock GEO-IP blocked On-Demand services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, CWTV, Youku, FOX, Voddler, Canal+, Xfinity, Spotify, RTL, Amazon Prime, Demand 5, Star TV, Vevo, HBO Go, Direct 8, Pandora, Much Music, Lovefilm, Zattoo, Tudou, Global TV, ABC Player, Vudu, NBC, Russia TV, iTV Player, CTV, Rai TV, Sky Go, USA Network, Rara, QQLive, Arte, Deezer, MTV, CBS, MLB, 4OD, CBC, E! and NHL from any corner of the world.

As well as making it easy to access geographically restricted content, Safe-iNet VPN also acts as a firewall and censorship busting solution. The service unblocks everyone’s favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Viber, Skype and YouTube at schools, offices and even in countries these services have been blocked by the government (for example, Saudi Arabia, China, Brazil, Kuwait, UAE and Qatar).

Safe-iNet provides unlimited server switching options with all its plans which means you are free to connect to any server without having to pay anything extra.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth – All Safe-iNet VPN subscriptions come with unlimited speed and bandwidth options. The provider’s servers are connected to 100 MBit nodes so the service is ideal for activities like VOIP, streaming of HD videos and gaming in addition to browsing and downloading.

Privacy Settings – Safe-iNet offers up to 4096 bit encrypted connections to its subscribers. The service supports OpenVPN and PPTP protocols which means that it can be used from almost any device and operating system. The service helps you to encrypt your online traffic, be anonymous while you are online, remain safe at public Wi-Fi hotspots and protect your sensitive data (including financial transactions and social accounts) from hacking threats.

The company does not collect statistics or logs of users’ online sessions. In addition, the provider does not share personal details (such as email addresses) with third parties or advertisers.

Supported Operating Systems – Safe-iNet VPN works on mobile and computing devices that run on Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS X and iOS (iPhones and iPads). The provider does not offer a custom client but it does provide easy-to-follow video tutorials for configuring the service. The company has also created an “OpenVPN Protector” software which acts as a kill-switch and protects your online activities from surveillance and snooping in case the VPN connection goes down for some reason.

The provider offers enhanced privacy through double and triple VPN tunnels. The company permits three simultaneous connections with every subscription and even supplies dedicated IPs for an additional fee.

Customer Support – Safe-iNet VPN offers support through a variety of methods including live chat, ICQ, Jabber, email and tickets. For resolving common errors quickly, you can also refer to troubleshooting instructions available in the FAQ section.

Pricing Options – Safe-iNet’s unlimited plans are available from $1.3/day, $7.5 for a week, $20 for a month, $55 for three months, $105 for six months and $190 for one year. The provider provides 1 hour free trial upon request and even offers a 72 hour money back guarantee. Dedicated IPs cost an extra $20 per month.

Final Verdict – On the whole, Safe-iNet provides a highly secure and feature packed privacy service. While the VPN service costs a lot more than other privacy services, it offers enhanced privacy through multiple VPN tunnels. If you are looking for a totally secure anonymity solution, Safe-iNet VPN might be just what you are looking for. For more information, please visit: www.safe-inet.com.

February 4, 2015

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