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ProxyServer VPN Review – An OpenVPN Based Privacy Solution

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

ProxyServer VPN is a privacy offering from ProxyServer LLC, a US based company. The company existed as a proxy service provider for more than 6 years before deciding to launch its own VPN service in the beginning of 2015. In this detailed and thorough ProxyServer VPN review, let’s check the pros and cons of the service and decide if it is worth using.

Server Locations & Site Access – ProxyServer has deployed its VPN servers in United States (15 servers), United Kingdom, Singapore, Netherlands, Australia, France, Japan and Germany. Due to the availability of geographically dispersed servers, the service is a great option for expats, travelers and enthusiasts of online streaming services who are looking for an easy way to unlock On-Demand content online.

Here is a list of few premium streaming services that can be unlocked with ease through ProxyServer’s VPN service:

BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, ABC Player, Netflix, Spotify, Singtel TV, HBO Go, NBC, Canal+, TV Asahi, Demand 5, Amazon Prime, RTL, ABC iView, iTV Player, 4OD, Lovefilm, Arte, Deezer, Ten Sports, USA Network, Direct 8, Sky Go, Xfinity, Pandora, MLB, ProSieben, CBS, NHL, Vudu, Hulu, TV Japan, TV Tokyo, Eurosport, CWTV, MTV, Vevo, Vox, Rara and FOX.

The unlimited server switching option provided by the company will help you to unlock premium services from eight different countries services with just one subscription. Additionally, the service works like an anti-censorship solution that can help you to access your favorite social networking, VOIP, emailing, gaming and video sites even if they have been blocked by your ISP or network administrator. Once you are connected to the service, you are free to access Facebook, Twitter, Line, Gmail, YouTube and Skype even if you are based in China, Middle East or Latin America.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth – ProxyServer does not throttle speeds or restrict bandwidth for its subscribers so you are free to stream HD videos, do video conferencing, play multiplayer games and download files without worrying about monthly limits. The company has deployed its servers at reputable data centers throughout the world plus they are connected to 1 GBPS nodes so you can be assured of the quality of the service. The company allows P2P activities from some of its servers so the service can even help you to anonymize your bittorrenting sessions.

Privacy Settings – ProxyServer VPN secures your online sessions and sensitive data with OpenVPN protocol and 128 bit AES encryption. The service helps you to reclaim your privacy by hiding your online sessions from all kinds of surveillance and monitoring. What’s more, it protects your banking data, passwords and social account credentials from hacking and theft even if you connect to the internet from public Wi-Fi hotspots. Unlike the proxy service offered by the company, the VPN service secures not only the browsing activities but also messaging, emailing, VOIP and FTP sessions.

ProxyServer does not monitor or keep a record of the browsing activities of its customers. However, the company does collect and store connection data (login/logout time, server used and amount of data transferred) for a limited time to monitor and improve the performance of its servers. Since the company is based in United States, it will abide with all the court requests and co-operate with law enforcement agencies.

Supported Operating Systems – ProxyServer works best with Windows, Linux and Mac. The company provides its own VPN client for these operating systems so configuring the service is very easy. In addition, customers have the option of setting up the service on computers, Android devices, iPads and iPhones manually through the OpenVPN configuration files provided by the company. People who want to secure multiple devices would be happy to know that the company permits two simultaneous connections for every VPN subscription.

Customer Support – ProxyServer VPN provides customer support via email and support tickets. The provider has published lots of troubleshooting and VPN related information on its site so it is also possible to resolve common errors without having to raise support tickets.

Pricing Options – ProxyServer’s VPN service costs $7.99 a month. The company offers free trials via promo codes plus it also provides 30 day money back guarantee to all new customers.

Final Verdict – ProxyServer VPN offers a reasonably good privacy service. While the service is quite new, the company is growing at a rapid pace and is adding new servers almost every month. As such, I recommend the service to all privacy seekers who are looking for a fast and secure VPN solution. For more information, please visit: www.proxyserver.com.

July 28, 2015

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