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PrivacyTunnel Review – Is The Service Worth A Shot?

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

PrivacyTunnel is one of the oldest VPN service providers on the web. The service was launched with a limited number of servers by a Washington based company but since its debut, the company has expanded its operations significantly. In this extremely detailed PrivacyTunnel review, we will check what the company offers as well as recommend whether the service is worth subscribing.

Server Locations & Site Access

PrivacyTunnel has VPN gateways in many important geographical areas of the world:

1) Americas – United States, Canada and Chile.

2) Europe – United Kingdom, Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, Isle of Man, Ireland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ukraine, Poland, Luxembourg, Estonia, Iceland, Norway, Belgium, Spain, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Austria and Finland.

3) Asia Pacific & Africa – Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Taiwan and South Africa.

PrivacyTunnel customers are free to connect to VPN servers from any one of the above 32 countries and even switch servers at will. The choice of so many server locations makes it easy to unblock IP restricted, On-Demand services like Netflix, CBC, Zattoo, BBC iPlayer, Canal+, RTL, Hulu, HBO Go, Wilmaa, Bravo, Voddler, Spotify, Lovefilm, Eurosport, iTV Player, Vudu, Amazon Prime, Sky Go, CTV, RTE Player, Deezer, Rara, Demand 5, NRK, 4OD, Russia TV, TVB, USA Network, Mio TV, Vevo, TNT, MyTV, Xfinity, MLB, Pandora, NHL, MTV, ABC, CBS, NBC, CWTV and FOX from any country and city in the world. And if you are fed up of restrictions, firewalls and censorship at your school or office or a location like China, Middle East or Latin America; PrivacyTunnel can help you here as well. With the help of the service, you can access gaming sites, Facebook, YouTube, Skype and Gmail from anywhere without revealing your personal details to your ISP or network administrator.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth

PrivacyTunnel boasts of a high quality network with up to 1 GBit connectivity. The service delivers optimum speeds to support a number of speed hungry and bandwidth demanding activities like streaming of HD videos, P2P (only from selected servers), VOIP, downloading and multiplayer gaming.

Privacy Settings

PrivacyTunnel shields your data and online sessions from all kinds of surveillance and snooping. The service uses L2TP and PPTP protocols for authentication, encryption and tunneling. These two protocols may not provide the highest level of security (that distinction belongs to the OpenVPN protocol) but they do offer a minimum of 128 bit encryption and compatibility with most modern gadgets and operating systems. In addition to offering protection from surveillance, the service protects your Wi-Fi sessions from getting hacked and offers privacy for almost any kind of online activity (FTP, VOIP, browsing, email, IRC just to name a few).

PrivacyTunnel logs non-personally identifiable connection details for up to 48 hours. The logs are used only to track system abuse and spam and are never handed over to third parties. However, the company reserves the right to share customer information if a user is found to abuse its services.

Supported Operating Systems

PrivacyTunnel is compatible with many operating systems and devices including iPads, iPhones, Windows, Android and Mac. Unfortunately, the company does not offer installable client for any OS so the users need to setup the service manually.

Customer Support

Customers can contact the PrivacyTunnel team through a contact form. The company has even published resolutions for certain error codes so it is easy to resolve common technical problems by yourself.

Pricing Options

PrivacyTunnel offers shot-term recurring plans and long-term non-recurring plans. The recurring plans cost $9.97 for 30 days, $18.97 for 60 days and $26.97 for 90 days while the one-time plans are available for $69.97 for 180 days and $99.97 for 365 days. On the downside, there are no free trials available and refunds are issued only at the discretion of PrivacyTunnel. Additionally, the company’s official website is full of third-party ads which is a bit unusual for a privacy provider’s site.

Final Verdict

PrivacyTunnel delivers a satisfactory service. While the company does not provide a way to test its service for free, it has gateways in multiple geographical areas and offers adequate level of security and privacy. We recommend the service to customers who are looking for a multi-country basic privacy service. For more information, please visit: www.privacytunnel.com.

September 25, 2014

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