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PrivacyProtector GVN Review – A P2P Based VPN Service

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

PrivacyProtector Gateless VPN (earlier RiccoVPN) is one of a kind VPN service that relies on P2P technology to deliver online privacy. Launched in 2011, the service is brought to you by a Poland based company. In this detailed PrivacyProtector GVN Review, we will look at the pros and cons of the service and decide if it is worth our time and money.

Server Locations and Site Access

PrivacyProtector GVN does not have servers in any country; instead the traffic is routed through peers that are connected to the network. This gives you the ability to access sites like Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Skype, Vonage, Twitter, Blogger and Google Voice even if it is blocked in your organization or country (useful for China, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and UAE). In addition, you can bypass location based restrictions and access sites that are not available at your current location. For instance, you would be able to unlock US sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Pandora, CBS, NBC, HBO Go, NFL and Fox without being in US; unblock UK sites like BBC iPlayer, iTV, Demand 5, 4OD, Sky and Lovefilm even when you are not in UK and so on. Since the solution depends on peers for bypassing location based restrictions, you would not be able to access GEO-IP restricted sites from a particular country if no peers are connected to the network from that country. The Plus version subscribers have the ability to choose an IP address from a specific country while the free subscribers get an IP address from a random location.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

The biggest drawback of P2P based VPN technology is that the speed available depends on the number of people connected to the network. The more the number of people connected to the network, the faster speeds you will get. However, there is no restriction on bandwidth so you can upload and download as much content as you want. The company is also working on a new version of their software which will increase the overall speed by 10 times.

Privacy Settings

PrivacyProtector GVN provides top grade security that cannot be matched by other VPN providers. When you connect to a VPN server, you are leaving a footprint (IP address) that can be used against you. However, with PrivacyProtector’s solution, you never connect to any sever so your online activities remain totally private and anonymous. The advanced packet routing technology provided by the service encrypts your web requests, breaks them into several fragments and then routes it through available peers on a random basis so even your ISP or network administrator would not be able to determine the final location of your web requests. The advantage of dynamic routing is that you get protection for all kinds of online activities (except torrenting) and even your wireless sessions remain protected from hacking and snooping. However, the company does not reroutes SSL requests (used in banking, emailing) since such connections are designed to be secure and cannot be intercepted easily. The company cannot store logs of any kind since the customers are never connecting to their servers.

Supported Operating Systems

At present, the PrivacyProtector solution works only with 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows (7, 8, XP SP3 and Vista). The company is working on a Mac and Linux version of the program but at present there is no plan to introduce the service for iPads, iPhones and Android. The company provides an easy to install software that does not require any kind of configuration. However, the service needs Microsoft .Net Framework to function properly and you would be prompted to download and install the framework if it is not already present on your machine. The company provides browser add-ons for Firefox and Google Chrome which allows you to surf from your favorite browser with total privacy.

Customer Support

The company provides customer support through email. The company has also published detailed troubleshooting information on its website so you should be able to resolve common connection problems on your own.

Pricing Options

The basic version of PrivacyProtector GVN is available for free. The company also provides an advanced (Plus) version for 2.99 EUR per month (9.99 EUR per year). The Plus version allows you to choose an IP address from a specific location plus your traffic would be prioritized so you will experience faster speeds. There is no need to create an account in order to use the service so the company will never know your personal details.

Final Verdict

PrivacyProtector clearly delivers an innovative solution that is not yet available with other VPN providers. Although the service provides high level of security, the speed and choice of IP locations depends on the peers connected to the network. Nevertheless, we recommend that you check out the free version and see if the service works for you. For more information, please visit: www.privacyprotector.eu.

August 14, 2013
  1. Jo said on April 11, 2014 11:14 am:

    It used to work well, but since the last version it became really slow, and it’s not hiding your ip so much. It’s a shame because, once again, this vpn was good and cheap, still cheap but became useless.

  2. steve said on August 30, 2013 4:54 pm:

    no go install !!!

    0x800c0005 error continues infinite latest version ….

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