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Privacy IO Review – Easy To Use VPN Service

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Privacy IO brands itself as an easy to use VPN service. Launched in 2009, the service was created to safeguard privacy and anonymity on the internet. The service is made available by Intlayer Pty Ltd. which is a private company registered in Australia. In this extensive Privacy IO Review, we will check the features of the Privacy IO VPN service and decide if it is worth our time and money.

Server Locations and Site Access

Privacy IO has servers in just 2 countries – Sweden and Netherlands. The service will assign you a random IP address from these two countries to anonymize your online sessions. While the company does not have servers in important VPN markets like US, UK and Canada, the service would enable you to bypass the firewalls that are often imposed by ISPs and network administrators to block access to certain sites. In addition, the service is ideal for unblocking premium Swedish and Dutch content that is not available outside these two countries. Once your subscription is active, you would be able to unlock sites like Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, Voddler, MTV, Gmail, Sport1, Rara, Twitter, RTL, Skype, Deezer, WimpMusic, Film1, Vonage, Kanal5Play, Eurosport, Viasat, CMore, Google Voice, TVLab, TV3, TV6, TV8, TV10 and Kanal9Play from any country in the world (even from UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Brazil and Qatar). At present the company does not offer the facility to switch servers at will; you may have to disconnect and reconnect few times to get an IP address from the country of your choice.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Privacy IO does not throttle speed or restrict the bandwidth availability to its customers. Due to absence of speed and bandwidth restrictions, the service is well-suited for highly demanding activities like streaming of HD content, downloading, VOIP, bittorrenting and online gaming. The company does not block ports that transmit P2P data so it is possible to anonymize bittorrenting activities.

Privacy Settings

Privacy IO delivers privacy and anonymity through PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. The PPTP protocol is one of the oldest VPN protocols currently available that is compatible with almost all devices and operating systems but it is considered less secure than other VPN protocols. On the other hand, the OpenVPN protocol provides top grade security but it is not yet compatible with many operating systems (especially mobile OS). Taken together, these two protocols offer an optimum mix of speed, compatibility and security and allow you to secure your online activities from surveillance and secure your personal data from hackers and sniffing programs. In addition, the hotspot protection that comes with the service is suitable for protecting passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data while using Wi-Fi hotspots at malls, airports, coffee shops and other public places. Privacy IO does not log the online activities of its users so your online sessions remain truly private.

Supported Operating Systems

Privacy IO’s VPN solution works with Windows (7, XP, Vista), Mac OS X, iOS (iPads, iPhones), Android and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian). It is also possible to use the service from Smart TVs, consoles and other devices via DD-WRT routers. The company does not offer proprietary client for any operating system so you need to configure the service manually. However, the company provides detailed setup instructions for each operating system so it is possible to configure and use the service within minutes of purchase.

Customer Support

The company offers customer support through email and a ticket based system. Registered users can log into the company’s portal and create a support ticket while others can contact the support staff through email. The company has not published troubleshooting instructions on its site so you will have to contact the support staff even for minor issues.

Pricing Options

Privacy IO offers protocol based subscription options. The PPTP only plans are available from $7 per month ($21 for 3 months, $35 for 6 months and $70 for 2 months), the OpenVPN plans are available for $8 per month ($24 for 3 months, $40 for 6 months and $80 for a year) whereas the PPTP+OpenVPN plans are available from $15 per month ($45 for 3 months, $75 for 6 months and $150 for a year). The PPTP+OpenVPN plan is definitely expensive but it allows you to use the service from 2 different devices at the same time. The company does not offer free trials or refunds but it does have one-day subscription option to allow you to test the capabilities of the service.

Final Verdict

On the whole, Privacy IO delivers an average VPN service. The service does not offer too many server locations but it does provide an ability to choose protocol based subscription and even supports torrenting activities. We recommend checking the one-day trial offered by the company to see if the service meets your privacy and connectivity needs. For more information, please visit: www.privacy.io/

August 15, 2013

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