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Popcorn Time – Why This Streaming App Is A Game Changer

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Popcorn Time has been in the news a lot lately! From being considered a serious threat by the online streaming giant Netflix to getting some of its affiliated sites seized by the European anti-piracy groups, Popcorn Time sure is seeing a lot of action as well as generating intense debate among copyright holders and the media. But what exactly is Popcorn Time and why has it generated such a frenzy in the last few months? In this short article, we will explain what the service is all about and why it is dominating the headlines.

What Is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is a free streaming app that relies on the bittorrenting technology to serve content to its users. Launched just a year back (in March’ 2014), the service is available for all major platforms (including Windows, Android and Apple) and provides an ad-free streaming experience. The app looks and feels so much like paid and professional streaming services that it has been dubbed as “Netflix for Pirates” by the media.

Popcorn Time was developed as an open source app by a group of Argentinian developers. The creators shut down the original service only weeks after the launch due to the threat of legal action by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Since then, other teams have kept the program alive and have even added new and interesting features into the service. Today, the service is available through various sites with popcorntime.io and popcorn-time.se being the most popular amongst them.

The service provides a fast and hassle free streaming experience to the international audience as well as expats and travelers from countries like US, UK and Canada. Since most streaming services like Netflix are available only in select geographical areas, the service fulfills a genuine need and helps people from across the world to access their favorite shows and movies without having to face inordinate delays. And let’s not forget that Netflix’s content library outside US does not include many popular titles so it is not really a surprise that people are using Popcorn Time even in non-US countries where Netflix is officially available.

How Popcorn Time Works?

Popcorn Time’s ever growing content library, which contains thousands of popular TV shows and movies (including many latest titles), is accessible through an easy to use and simple interface. The content is neatly categorized into genres and sub-categories and there’s even a search functionality available to discover obscure titles. As far as the actual working of the program is concerned, it functions just like other bittorreenting clients such as uTorrent and Vuze. The content is sequentially streamed and distributed through multiple torrenting sites (such as YTS) and users can even add their favorite trackers into the program. Dead links and outdated files are removed at regular intervals which helps to keep the content fresh and appealing.

Is Using Popcorn Time Legal?

As far as the legality of the service is concerned, streaming copyrighted content through Popcorn Time is against the law in most countries. Since the app looks so sleek and professional, most users automatically assume that they are not violating any laws by using the service. However, they need to keep in mind that every time they use the app to stream their favorite content, they are not only downloading copyrighted shows illegally but are also seeding (distributing) them to other users. Associations like MPAA can easily keep a tab of IP addresses of the users accessing or seeding a particular title and may even forward them to ISPs for further action (like serving them with a copyright violation warning).

The best way to keep your identity secret while using Popcorn Time is to start using a VPN service. As we mentioned earlier (https://vpncoupons.com/popcorn-time-users-get-vpn-protection/), one of the incarnations of the service is already offering a free VPN protection to all its users. However, if you are using a different avatar of the service, just make sure to protect your streaming activities by subscribing to reliable VPN service.

March 6, 2015

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