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Popcorn Time Users Get VPN Protection

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Popcorn Time, one of the most popular torrent streaming sites for movies and TV shows, has decided to add VPN protection into its software. The site, which is also known as “Netflix for Pirates”, has decided to add the anonymity feature in order to protect the identity of its users from associations like MPAA as well as major studios and entertainment companies. By hiding their true IP address with the built-in VPN option, Popcorn Time users can now stream unlimited amount of content without worrying about copyright infringement notices being forwarded to them.

Popcorn Time is an open source bittorrenting client that allows its users to stream TV shows and movies listed on torrent sites like YIFY. The service is available for most platforms, including mobile platforms like iOS and Android, and is very similar to On-Demand services like Netflix. Apart from streaming movies listed on YIFY, users also have the option of adding their own trackers and streaming movies from other torrent sites. Since the service is not legal, users of the service often come under a lot of scrutiny from entertainment companies. Some of the user have the service have even received copyright infringement notices from their ISPs or settlement claims from copyright holders in the past.

In order to provide a truly anonymous streaming platform to its users, Popcorn Time has decided to incorporate a VPN service right inside its software. The service provider is also looking at other options, including I2P and P2P, to anonymize users’ streaming sessions and protect them from all kinds of copyright notices and settlement claims. I2P is a network layer which allows applications to communicate with each other securely and anonymously. It is a lot like Tor but is optimized for file sharing activities. Since I2P could also lead to a slight decrease in streaming speeds, the team behind Popcorn Time is also looking at the P2P option that would allow users to enjoy their favorite movies and shows even if the service itself goes down.

The VPN feature was added in the 4.2 Alpha release of the service. Users can protect their IP address from copyright holders simply by clicking the lock icon present on the interface. The downside of using the VPN is that streaming could be somewhat slower than usual. On the positive side, the addition of the feature would allow users from any part of the world to enjoy the service without worrying about the pitfalls of accessing pirated TV shows and movies.

The VPN service built within Popcorn Time is provided by Kebrum, which is a Seychelles based privacy service provider. Kebrum decided to join hands with Popcorn Time since it believes that the service would usher in a revolution that would change the entertainment industry forever. Since the company is providing its service to Popcorn Time users for free, it is not making any money from its new venture. However, the company expects a lot of positive exposure from this venture which should more than make up for the investment and resources that the company has put into the new partnership.

February 24, 2015

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