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How To Play Online Poker From Anywhere (Including the US)!

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Online poker websites offer a convenient way of playing the game from anywhere. However, playing poker online is illegal in many countries (including most states of United States) so if you are not in a state that allows online gambling, you may not be able to play the game at all. As is the case with most location based bans, there are ways to beat the ban and play online poker from anywhere. However, since online gambling involves transfer of real money, you need to be extra careful so that you don’t end up losing your investment.

Since the game is banned only in certain countries, a lot of players have thought about using IP changing tools like VPNs to get around the ban. However, simply changing your IP address is not going to work since poker sites need you to have a bank account in the country that matches your current IP. So unless you have a bank account in a foreign country where online poker is legal, using a VPN is not going to change things. Some people do report that they are able to play the game by using a Canadian Netseller account and using an online service to get a physical address from Canada. Even if you are able to bypass the ban in this way, you would still need to use a VPN that provides a Canadian IP address so as not to arouse the suspicion of poker sites.

If you have a bank account in a foreign country and are planning to use a VPN to play poker online, you still need to keep certain things in mind. First of all, using a VPN to play poker is against the terms of most gambling websites. So if you are going to do so, you need to use a service that provides a static IP address. Most VPN providers offer shared IP addresses but they are easy to detect and may even be blocked by poker sites. In addition, you should use a VPN service that provides SSL (OpenVPN) based security. This is essential since it is very easy to detect and block PPTP and L2TP based VPN services.

For most people, it is much easier to play poker on sites that still accept players from US rather than setting up a bank account in a foreign country. Although most big poker sites do not accept players from America, there are still a number of smaller portals that allow Americans to play the game. Just remember not to keep too much money in your account or else you may face a big loss if the site gets banned by the US authorities. Another way to play the game from anywhere is to use bitcoins. A number of poker sites have now started accepting payments through bitcoins so you should be able to play the game without any restrictions. However, it is advisable to use a VPN even for such websites if online gambling is banned in your state.

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October 3, 2014

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