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PC-Streaming VPN Review – A Global VPN Service Provider

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

PC-Streaming is a privacy and security company that delivers advanced security solutions including VPNs to its customers. The company is based in United Kingdom and launched its VPN service in 2008. The company provides an array of VPN solutions that are not usually available with other VPN providers. In the PC-Streaming VPN Review below, we take a look at the features offered by the service and decide whether it is worth the subscription price.

Server Locations

PC-Streaming has one of the widest server location choices among all the VPN providers. The company has VPN servers in 79 countries including Bulgaria, Philippines, Portugal, Italy, Panama, Bahamas, Australia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Grenada, Singapore, Liechtenstein, Belgium, US Virgin Islands, Barbados, Iceland, South Korea, Lithuanian, Poland, Japan, Czech Republic, Qatar, Taiwan, Jordan, Paraguay, Israel, Ireland, Cyprus, Guatemala, Brazil, Isle of Man, India, Canada, Indonesia, Belize, Aruba, Malaysia, Sweden, Finland, China, Greece, Russia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Monaco, Argentina, Switzerland, Malta, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Croatia, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Spain, Thailand, Marshall Islands, Denmark, Romania, Bermuda, Colombia, Slovakia, France, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Pakistan, Estonia, Seychelles, Egypt, Nicaragua, Norway, Gibraltar, Turkey, Dominican Republic, United States, Peru, Vatican City, Cayman Islands and Germany.

The wide selection of server locations makes it easy to unblock country restricted sites like HBO Go, Zattoo, Spotify, Amazon Video, Hulu, CBS, Demand 5, Vudu, 4OD, BBC iPlayer, Fox, ESPN, MTV, Netflix, CTV, NBC, Pandora and NFL from any corner of the world. The service also helps you to bypass censorship and firewalls imposed by countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, UAE, Brazil, Thailand and China and unlock popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail YouTube and Blogger even if they are not accessible in the country of your visit.

Speed and Bandwidth

PC-Streaming’s VPN accounts do not come with speed or bandwidth limitations. The company also offers Online TV VPN accounts that allow you to watch streaming movies and TV shows at best possible speeds. While the company restricts P2P traffic on most servers, it does allow bittorrenting through its Luxembourg server.

Privacy Settings

Since PC-Streaming is a privacy company, it realizes the importance of users’ privacy and anonymity. The company does not share or sell user information to third parties or advertisers. The service offers excellent encryption to protect browsing, chatting, streaming, emailing, FTP, VOIP and Wi-Fi sessions. Most wireless networks are easy to break into so you need a secure solution (like a VPN) to protect your user accounts, passwords and financial information while using them.

Supported Systems

The company’s VPN solution is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android based devices. If you are looking for a great VPN solution for your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android Smartphone; PC-Streaming’s VPN solutions would fit the bill perfectly. The company has published detailed setup instructions on its website so anyone can start using the service within minutes of receiving user account details. As a policy, the company uses manual setup for standard VPN accounts and a proprietary solution for combination VPN plans.

Customer Support

The company offers customer support through email. Although the lack of phone and direct chat support is a letdown, the support staff is efficient enough and resolves most queries within a reasonable time.

Pricing Options

PC-Streaming offers 3 different types of VPN plans – Standard VPN plan, Online TV VPN plan and combination plans. The standard VPN plan provides access to server from one country and is available for £26.96/month (£53.96 for 3 months, £89.96 for 6 months and £134.96 for 12 months) for most countries. The Online TV VPN plans allow you to watch TV shows from a specific location (US, Australia, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland and Italy) and are available for £19.96/month (£53.96 for 3 month, £89.96 for 6 months and £143.96 for 12 months). The company also offers combination TV plans that allow to watch streaming shows from 2 or 3 countries (choice of locations include US, UK, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and France) . The 2 country combination plans are available for £74.95 for 3 months, £124.95 for 6 months and £179.95 for 12 months whereas the 3 country plans are available for £89.95 for 3 months, £139.95 for 6 months and £199.95 for 12 months.

The company does not provide a free trial but they do offer a 48 hour money back guarantee so you can test the service without worrying about losing your money.

Final Verdict

Overall, PC-Streaming delivers on most of its promises. While its VPN plans are somewhat expensive, it does offer some exclusive VPN plans that are not available elsewhere. So if you are looking for a great VPN service that has the backing of an experienced security team, do not forget to check the VPN plans from PC-Streaming. For more information, please visit: www.PC-Streaming.com.

June 6, 2013

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