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OneOne App – Promises To Keep Chats Untraceable

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Wish to protect your private chats and instant messages from all kinds of snooping? Now there’s an app available that can help you to do just that! OneOne is a new messaging app for Android and iOS platforms which is designed to keep text messages ‘private and untraceable’. Although a lot of messaging apps promise anonymity and privacy, OneOne has got certain unique features which puts it miles ahead of the competition. The app was created by Kevin Abosch, a world renowned artist, photographer and entrepreneur; who is also known as the creator of Kwikdesk messaging platform and Lenka photography app.

OneOne is extremely easy to install and use. To initiate a chat; you just need to just tap on one of the existing messaging channels (there are seven available), give it a name and send its link to the person with whom you wish to chat. The app does give you an option of sending the chat invite via email at the time of channel creation but it is entirely up to you how you wish to send the invitation link to the other party. The best part is that users don’t have to create an account or login to initiate or join a chat; they just need to create a channel or visit the channel link and they can start messaging right away. As of now, OneOne only supports text messages but you should be able to send images and documents pretty soon.

Messages sent via the OneOne app are encrypted with 2048-bit RSA and 256-bit AES encryption. The encryption and decryption process happens on users’ devices which ensures that no one, not even the OneOne staff, is able to intercept, read or snoop upon the messages when they are in transit. For extra security, all messages are automatically deleted from OneOne’s servers after 24 hours. In addition, either party can delete the messaging channel within the 24 hour time period which also causes the channel and messages to disappear from OneOne’s servers and both sets of the mobile devices. Once a channel or message is deleted, it is gone forever and can’t be retrieved by any means.

OneOne offers a lot of advantages over other secure messaging platforms (such as Telegram). Since there is no account creation or login process involved, OneOne doesn’t know anything about its users. What’s more, the app doesn’t capture any kind of private data (Device ID, Phone Number etc.) nor does it asks users to authenticate their messaging sessions which makes it one of the most untraceable messaging platforms available today.

Additionally, since messages are encrypted and decrypted with secure keys that are available only on the users’ devices (each channel generates its own set of public and private keys), OneOne won’t be able to decrypt them even for the law enforcement agencies. This is really important since the police can usually force service providers to reveal user information or decrypt messages by obtaining search warrants from the courts. However, as far as OneOne is concerned, the staff won’t be able to help police out since they themselves are not aware of the user data or nor do they have the keys required to decrypt the messages.

OneOne app can be downloaded from:
Google Playhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kwikdesk&hl=en
Official sitehttp://getoneone.com/

January 30, 2015

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