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How the NSA Is Spying On Your Data

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

It has been more than a year since Edward Snowden leaked details about the NSA’s Prism Program. While big corporations like Google and Facebook have decided to stop co-operating with NSA, the agency is still able to monitor American citizens and collect data from them. So how does NSA manage this feat arousing suspicion? In this article, we will disclose several methods that are being used by NSA to spy on unsuspecting Americans.

1) Call History

In the name of national security, the US government has persuaded telecom companies to hand over call records of all the phone calls made within the US borders to the NSA. This is indeed an information goldmine for NSA since the agency not only gets call records, it also gets hold of names and addresses of all the callers as well as details about their personal and business contacts.

2) Smartphone Apps

While the Smartphone revolution has made it possible for people to connect with one another, it has also enabled agencies like NSA to spy on people. In particular, the agency is known to make use of leaky and unsecure apps to collect data from mobile users. Since a lot of apps require unrestricted network access and access to social features to function properly, it has become a lot easier for NSA to get contact lists and other personal details through them. The agency is also said to have cracked Blackberry communication which was considered to be quite secure.

3) Real Time Monitoring

NSA has not only managed to get hold of historical call records, it has also developed capabilities to monitor phone and internet traffic on a real time basis. To achieve this goal, the agency has installed sophisticated surveillance equipment right within the networking infrastructure of the leading telecom companies. This allows the NSA to get hold of all communications (including emails) that are sent through these channels which can then be stored and analyzed for years.

4) Malware

NSA is also known to rely on hacking tools and questionable programs to spy on Americans. According to reliable sources, the agency has developed a vast arsenal of malicious programs that can be used to infect computers and other devices and gather information at will. What’s worse, these programs can also bypass encryption which leaves the infected systems vulnerable to other types of security attacks.

5) Stealth monitoring

Edward Snowden has also revealed that NSA can perform stealth monitoring through mobile devices. The agency has installed towers that can automatically connect to the mobile devices and gather information from them even if they are switched off. To avoid suspicion, the agency is said to gather only location, sound and visual data (through camera) via this method.

As you can see from the above paragraphs, NSA relies on lots of methods to spy on Americans. However, it is possible to evade the surveillance and monitoring techniques used by the agency by subscribing to a reliable privacy service. There are many dependable VPN services available that allow you to encrypt your data and shield your online activities from all kinds of surveillance and monitoring. If you are serious about your privacy, start using a personal VPN solution today.

August 24, 2014

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