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NetNinja Review

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Thanks to Edward Snowden, millions of people are now aware about the surveillance practices of their governments as well as privacy pitfalls which exist on the internet. His revelations have also led to an increased demand for products and services that can enhance safety and privacy on the web. NetNinja is an innovative privacy solution which keeps you safe online by encrypting your internet connection. The tool was designed and developed by entrepreneur and ex-Apple consultant Tony Gaitatzis and was released in the market during the second half of 2014. In this NetNinja review, we’ll provide our opinion of the product.

What Is NetNinja?

NetNinja is a pocket-sized router that can convert any internet connection (Ethernet or Wi-Fi) to a short range, WPA2 encrypted Wi-Fi hotspot. The router has been designed from the ground up and runs on an open source software so it doesn’t contain any kind of backdoors or security loopholes. To keep its size small and cost low, the device was created from Raspberry Pi B+ board and it runs on Raspbian Debian Wheezy operating system.

NetNinja comes with a network port and a simple, web based interface (which is also compatible with mobile devices). To start using the device, you just need to plug it in and specify your Wi-Fi password. Since there are no complicated installation or configuration steps involved, the device is perfectly suitable for non-technical users who are interested in securing their privacy.

To provide enhanced level of privacy, NetNinja is also compatible with Virtual Private Networks as well as Tor. If you wish to use these options, you need to specify certain additional details (such as VPN server address, username and password). And if you do not have an existing VPN subscription, you can sign up for one while ordering your device.

Benefits of using NetNinja

1) Surf Without Worry – NetNinja makes it easy to hide IP address, identity and location details from ISPs, governments as well as hackers. Once you are connected to the device, you can avoid surveillance, browse anonymously and prevent identity theft as well as loss of your data. The device also includes a domain based ad-blocker which protects you from targeted advertising.

2) Watch Streaming Content – By using the device, you can access streaming content from hundreds of On-Demand content sites from all over the world. And since the device protects your real IP address and location and is compatible with VPN (and Tor), you can watch TV shows that are not usually available at your location.

3) Encrypt Internet Connection – NetNinja secures your passwords, documents, bank login information and identity whenever you are connected to the internet. This is especially helpful when you are travelling or using a Wi-Fi hotspot at a public place. Since the device encrypts all kinds of connections, you can also share files through P2P without revealing your identity.

4) Bypass All Censorship – The device allows you to circumvent firewalls at schools and workplaces as well as bypass the censorship measures used by governments, corporations and Internet Service Providers. With NetNinja, you are free to access your favorite sites from anywhere.

NetNinja retails for $ 198.96. For an extra $8.99/month (per account), you can also subscribe to the VPN service offered by the provider.

Final Verdict

NetNinja is a nifty little device which can help you to regain your online privacy. While the device is a bit expensive, it offers a unique privacy alternative for novice as well as experienced internet users.

January 26, 2015

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