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Netflix Users Protest VPN Ban

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

There are many Netflix users that are protesting the cracking down of VPN and proxy. This practice is used by Netflix in the attempt to stop VPN pirates and the customers who elude geo-blockades. VPN are used by a lot of Netflix customers for privacy reasons. With the movie company having no intention of stopping this practice, there has also been an increase in protest of this practice by some of their customers. This is a practice that has been asked to be implemented by various movie studios repeatedly and they may be the ones that will most benefit from the practice.

VPN and proxy users from countries outside the US may not be able to access the content provided by Netflix, instead they are presented with an error message. The truth is that even customers from the US will also not be able to access the Netflix content if they are using a US VPN server and they may not use this VPN for privacy protection either. Privacy is a major concern for many of Netflix users and as explained to Torrent Freak by Open Media, VPNs are the best option for everyday internet users to safeguard their activities online.

Open Media has also tried to petition to Netflix not to take this route to solving the problems associated. This direction has affected Open Media and they have suggested different ways of tackling the issues without having to resort to the ban of VPN. The major concern of this organization is the loss of internet privacy for many Netflix users and seeing has how there is a large percentage of American that use Netflix and VPN for privacy this is good reasons for a high level of concern and protest.

This may be an issue that evolves into a much bigger problem and not just for customers but for Netflix as well. There is a high percent of Netflix users that might cancel their subscription and those that have already canceled it. If this steady increase with this trend continues, Netflix might lose a major percentage of their customers that may significantly and negatively impact the company. The CEO of Netflix has express his lack of concern for customers’ exodus and says he doesn’t think this practice will have any impacts in a negative aspect or any for that matter. This is the direction that Netflix is headed in and hopes to makes this issue obsolete. They also hope to be able to provide programs on a worldwide scale but the reluctance of Hollywood may set this back for a couple of years.

The fact of this matter is that Netflix has already decided to continue with their practice regardless of the cries from their customers. Regardless of the options that may be available to them, they are convinced they are doing the best thing for them and their customers and won’t falter from their direction. Only time will tell if the decision made by this company is the right one and the impact it will have on the company’s advancements or the lack there of.


March 31, 2016

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