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MyVPN Pro Review – A Reliable VPN Service

Friday, May 31st, 2013

MyVPN Pro is a well-established VPN service provider. Founded in 2009, the company offers fast and secure VPN solutions to protect privacy and anonymity online. In this comprehensive MyVPN Pro Review, we look at the features offered by the MyVPN Pro service and check whether the service is worth subscribing.

Server Locations

MyVPN Pro has servers in 2 different countries – United States and Netherlands. Although the company does not have a presence in important VPN markets like Canada and United Kingdom, its VPN plan would allow you to unblock location based online services like Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, Rara, Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, ABC, CBS, NBC etc. that are available only within US or Netherlands. By switching to a US or Dutch IP address, you can also bypass internet firewalls that are put in place by governments and ISPs of many countries. For instance, as soon as you connect to MyVPN Pro service, you would be able to unblock Skype from Dubai and Brazil; Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube from China and a host of other websites that are blocked in many countries. The company has a generous server switching policy so you can watch local content from US and Netherlands with the same VPN plan.

Speed and Bandwidth

MyVPN Pro does not put any kind of limitation on speed or bandwidth. However the company may decide to impose a bandwidth cap if a customer abuses their service and hogs the entire bandwidth of the server. The company recommends that you keep your daily bandwidth below 5 GB and monthly bandwidth within 150 GB to avoid any kind of bandwidth restriction. The company also allows bittorrenting and P2P sharing but you cannot share copyrighted material.

Privacy Handling

MyVPN Pro does not keep usage logs that can be used to trace its customers. The service uses a minimum of 125 bit encryption (up to 256 bit encryption for L2TP protocol) to protect your online activities. When you use MyVPN’s service, you would be able to protect all your online activities like ICQ, Skype, messaging, emailing and browsing.

Supported Systems

The service is available for iPads, iPhones, Windows/Linux/Mac based computers and Android Smartphones/tablets. The installation and configuration is very simple and even tech challenged people would be able to configure the service on their own. The company allows port forwarding with PPTP protocol but you can forward only 2 ports to your computer. It is also possible to set up one VPN plan on multiple devices but you cannot connect more than one device to one VPN account at a time.

Customer Support

MyVPN Pro offers email based tech and customer support. If you are facing connectivity issues then it is advisable to check VPN documentation published on the site before contacting the official support team since it is easy to troubleshoot and fix common technical issues by going through the knowledgebase section.

Pricing Options

MyVPN Pro offers unlimited VPN plans starting from $3.95 for 3 days ($6.95 for 15 days and $9.95 for 30 days). The company does not offer refunds but they do provide a free trial that allows you to connect to their test PPTP server. However you need to keep in mind that the test server is not their full-fledged VPN server so the speed and bandwidth available is quite limited.

Final Verdict

MyVPN Pro offers a decent VPN service that is worth a look. Even though it does not have servers in many important countries, it offers a fast and reliable VPN solution that can be used to secure your online activities. So if you are looking for a trustworthy VPN service that protects your privacy at all times, make sure to check out the VPN plans from MyVPN Pro. For more information, please visit: www.MyVPN

May 31, 2013

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