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Linkideo VPN Review – Fast And Affordable VPN

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Linkideo is an established company that has been providing VPN services since 2007. The service is brought to you by a team which is passionate about online security and strives to deliver unmatched privacy and anonymity to its customers. Linkideo offers a range of flexible VPN plans to suit everyone’s budget and security needs. In this exhaustive Linkideo VPN Review, we check out the features offered by the company and evaluate whether the service is worth the monthly subscription price.

Server Locations

Linkideo has VPN servers in 3 countries – United States, France and Netherlands. While the company does not have servers in many important VPN markets, it does allow you to unlock GEOIP restricted services from these 3 countries. For instance, by using the service you would be able to unlock ABC, CBS, HBO Go, Spotify, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Rara, Netflix and Pandora even if you are travelling and your actual IP is not allowed to access these sites. The service also allows you to unlock popular sites like Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter and Skype from countries like Qatar, UAE, China, Saudi Arabia and Brazil where many social networking and VOIP sites are blocked.

VPN Speed

Linkideo offers 3 different plans for its customers – L plan with 512kbit/s speed, XL plan with 2048kbit/s speed and an Unlimited plan with unrestricted speed and bandwidth. The wide choice of plans allows customers to choose a VPN plan as per their speed and bandwidth needs. For instance, if you stream a lot of movies or download huge files then the unlimited plan would be ideal for you. Similarly, if someone wants to use a VPN just to protect their browsing and financial transactions then they can opt for L plan. The company permits P2P sharing from some servers so you can use it to anonymize your bittorrenting activities.

Privacy Controls

Linkideo does not collect user data nor do they sell user information to advertisers or third parties. The company does collect performance logs for system maintenance but they do not hand over user information to anyone. The company uses 128 bit encryption key to protect your online sessions so your personal and financial details remain secure at all times. Due to high level of security provided, using this VPN service makes sense whenever you want to secure your Wi-Fi sessions at airports, shopping malls, book shops or hotels.

Supported Systems

Linkideo’s VPN service is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The OpenVPN protocol (suitable for Windows/Mac) is available only for XL and Unlimited VPN plan subscribers whereas the PPTP protocol (suitable for Windows/Mac/iPad/iPhone/Android) is available to all subscribers. There is no restriction on the applications that can be used with the VPN service however port forwarding facility is available only to Unlimited plan subscribers. The installation and configuration is very simple and it should not take more than few minutes to get the VPN service up and running.

Customer Support

Linkideo offers dedicated support through an email based system. The company has separate accounts for sales, enquiries and technical support so make sure that you send your query to the correct department. It is also recommended that you browse through company’s official site to find a resolution to your query before shooting an email to the support staff.

Pricing Structure

Linkideo’s VPN plans are extremely affordable. The L VPN plan (512kbit/s speed) is available for 2 Euro per month, the XL VPN plan (2048kbit/s speed) is available for 5 Euro per month whereas the Unlimited plan (unlimited speed) is available for 10 Euro per month. The company does not offer a free trial so you can subscribe to L plan first just to check their speed and then upgrade your plan later. Even though the company does not have a refund policy, the decision to issue a refund often rests with the Linkideo staff.

Final Verdict

On the whole, Linkideo delivers on most of its promises. Even though the company does not have VPN servers in many important countries, it provides blazing fast speeds and unmatched security to its customers. So if you are looking for a secure and affordable VPN service, don’t forget to check out the VPN offerings from Linkideo. For more information, please visit: www.Linkideo.com.

May 30, 2013

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