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Kryptnet VPN Review – In 08/2013 Kryptnet Closed Its Doors!!!

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Kryptnet was a Netherlands based company. It launched in 2009, the service aimed to deliver the best possible privacy, anonymity and security on the internet. As of August 2013, t is no longer a functioning VPN service.

Server Locations and Site Access – Kryptnet had VPN servers in just 2 countries – United States and Netherlands. While the choice of server locations was not very impressive, using the service made it possible to unlock premium US and EU based sites as well as bypass all kinds of security restrictions. Once you were connected to the service, you would be able to unlock streaming sites such as Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Prime, Rara, ABC Player, NBC, CBS, MTV, HBO Go, Fox TV, CWTV, Deezer, RTL, Dramafever, Vudu, Xfinity, Sport1, Film1, MLB and NFL from any place in the world as well as access blocked sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, Skype, Vonage and Google Voice even from Saudi Arabia, China, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE. What’s more, since the company allows unlimited server switching, you would be able to unlock local content from US as well as Netherlands with just one VPN subscription.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth – Kryptnet did not throttle speed or limit the bandwidth that is available to its subscribers. The service was well-suited for demanding activities like streaming of HD movies and TV shows, downloading of huge sized files, making long VOIP calls and reducing ping time for online gaming.

Privacy Settings – Kryptnet delivered a minimum of 128 bit encryption through L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN protocols. These protocols delivered an optimum mix of privacy and compatibility and protect all kinds of online activities such as browsing, messaging, emailing, FTP and VOIP from surveillance and intrusion. The service even offered a top-grade Wi-Fi protection features that can keep your passwords, bank login details, credit card numbers and social accounts safe from snooping when you are connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots at malls, parks, airports, hotels and coffee shops.

Kryptnet did not record the IP address and browsing habits of its customers. However, the company recorded connection details (timestamp and bytes transferred) and it will also co-operated with law enforcement agencies if a customer is found to be involved in illegal activities.

Supported Operating Systems – Kryptnet offered an OpenVPN solution for Mac, Linux and Windows based computers and a L2TP/IPSec based VPN solution for iPads, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android base Smartphones and tablets. The company provided an easy to install VPN client for Windows but other systems and devices required manual configuration. However, the setup was extremely easy since the company provided detailed setup instructions for each device and operating system.

Customer Support – The company provided customer support through email. The company had also published troubleshooting instructions in its FAQ section so you could resolve common VPN problems on your own.

Pricing Options – Kryptnet’s unlimited VPN plans were available for $14.95/month and $99.95/year. The company did not offer quarterly or half-yearly plans which is indeed a downside. In addition, the company did not provide a free trial or offer refunds so it was not possible to test the service without investing some money.

Final Verdict – Kryptnet’s monthly plan was somewhat expensive but you can save money by subscribing to yearly plan. The service did not offer too many server locations but it did offer better security than many other providers.

August 16, 2013

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