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5 Tips to Keep Facebook Private from Snoopers

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Facebook is a great way to remain in touch with friends and socialize online. Unfortunately, the site is also a treasure trove of information for hackers and cyber criminals who indulge in criminal activities. If someone manages to get hold of your photographs and personal information through Facebook, he can easily create a fake profile with your information and you will have to bear the consequences of his actions (including unlawful activities). This article will teach you how you can Keep Facebook Private from outsiders.

1. Adjust Privacy Settings

The first thing you need to check is how your profile appears to your friends, friends of friends and general public. To do that, you can visit your profile without logging into Facebook and see whether your photos and personal details are visible to the public. Next, you can log into Facebook and click on the privacy settings icon at the top of the screen, select “Who can see my stuff” and then “View as” option to see how your profile appears to your friends and their friends.

Once you are sure of the information that is visible to others, you can tweak your privacy settings accordingly. Ideally, you should only allow your friends to see your photos. It is also possible to adjust the privacy settings for individual photo albums. For instance, you may not want to share your personal photos with your colleagues so you can adjust the settings of the album accordingly.

2. Do Not Index Your Profile

In the privacy settings menu, there is an option that allows you to share your profile with search engines. Search engines like Google can index your pictures and personal details and make them available to anyone forever. So it makes sense not to allow search engines to index your profile.

3. Be Careful of Tags

Facebook allows people to tag others within photos and posts without their explicit permission. You can check the photos in which you are tagged by visiting your photos section and then selecting the “Your Photos” option. If you think that you should not be tagged within a picture, do not hesitate to untag yourself and report it to Facebook. You can also adjust your privacy settings in such a way that only your friends are able to tag you.

4. Do Not Share Sensitive Photos

Avoid sharing sensitive or embarrassing photos on Facebook that make others uncomfortable. Remember that Facebook stores your personal data (including photos) for a really long time even after you delete it so even if you post something just for fun, it becomes a part of Facebook repository.

5. Do Not Befriend Unknown People

This may sound obvious but you should avoid people that you don’t know in real life. A lot of criminals and hackers use fake profiles (usually with the picture of an attractive girl) to befriend others and steal their information. Remember once you accept a friend request from an unknown person, he/she has full access to your personal details and photos and the person is free to use your information in any way. This could have serious repercussions and you could even become a victim of identity theft.

June 8, 2014

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