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JustHideMe VPN Review – Anonymize Your Downloading Sessions

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

JustHideMe is a privacy service offered by UK based Bonton Limited. The developers of the service are associated with several popular Bittorrenting projects and wanted to offer an anonymity solution for securing P2P and downloading activities. The result is JustHideMe VPN service which I am going to review in this article.

Server Locations & Site Access – JustHideMe has deployed its VPN servers in United States, Netherlands and Switzerland. While the choice of IP locations is indeed limited, the service is ideal for US and European expats who want to unlock GEO-IP restricted content or wish to bypass local censorship while travelling overseas. By changing your IP address through the service, you would be able to stream On-Demand services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Deezer, Zattoo, Pandora, Rara, ABC Player, CBS, SwissTV, MLB, Eurosport, NBC, HBO Now, Sport1, Wilmaa, NHL, RTVNH, AT5, USA Network, Film1, FOX, Hulu, Viva TV, AMC TV, Vevo, Xfinity, HBO Go, MTV, Vudu and CWTV from any corner of the world. In addition, the service can help you to access your favorite social networking, VOIP, emailing and video sites (for instance, Facebook, Skype, Gmail, Twitter and YouTube) from your school, workplace or from a foreign country which is known for its censorship (example, China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Brazil and Thailand). Also, since there are no restrictions on server switching, it becomes possible to access both European and American premium sites with just one subscription.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth – JustHideMe does not impose any kind of speed limits or monthly bandwidth quotas upon its subscribers. The service is perfect for speed and resource hogging activities like streaming of High Definition videos, VOIP, multiplayer online gaming as well as downloading/uploading. It is also possible to anonymize P2P and file-sharing sessions since the provider permits such activities through its European servers.

Privacy Settings – JustHideMe uses PPTP and OpenVPN protocols to deliver its service. While PPTP is not the best option for privacy, it provides adequate level of privacy without compromising speeds. For those who are looking for an unbreachable level of security, using the OpenVPN protocol is your best bet. JustHideMe encrypts your personal data and online sessions and thus protects you from all types of surveillance and hacking threats. The service can also help you to remain anonymous on public Wi-Fi networks which are notorious for offering almost zero-level of security.

JustHideMe does not record your browsing sessions nor does it store your personal details like IP address. The provider is not required to capture or store user sessions by law so you remain completely anonymous while using the service.

Supported Operating Systems – JustHideMe’s VPN solution is available for the most popular desktop and mobile operating systems (Windows, Android, Mac, Linux and Chrome). The provider offers pre-configured VPN clients for Windows, Chrome, Android and Mac so setting up the service is quite easy. Linux users can configure the service manually by following the setup instructions provided by the company.

Customer Support – JustHideMe offers customer support via support tickets. It is also possible to contact the support staff directly from within the VPN app.

Pricing Options – JustHideMe is available for $2.5 a month, $15 for 6 months and $30 for a year. Since there are no refunds (refunds available strictly on a case-by-case basis) or free trials available, it is not possible to test the service without spending some money.

Final Verdict – Overall, JustHideMe offers an affordable privacy solution for those who want to anonymize their bittorrenting and downloading sessions. While the provider has got servers at just 3 locations and the service does not work on iPads and iPhones, you can expect reasonable speeds and high level of security through the service. For more information, please visit: www.justhideme.com.

January 12, 2016

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