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ICanVPN Review – Is The Service Worth A Look?

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

ICanVPN is a fairly new VPN service that is brought to you by a Belize based company. Established in 2013, the service aims to deliver a simple and effective privacy solution to its customers. In this exhaustive ICanVPN Review, we will check the pros and cons of the service and determine if it is worth the monthly subscription price.

Server Locations and Site Access

ICanVPN has an extensive network of VPN servers that is spread across 26 different countries. The company has 25 VPN servers in United States, 4 VPN servers in United Kingdom and one VPN server in each of the following countries – Canada, Ukraine, Turkey, Taiwan, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Singapore, Chile, France, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Russia, South Africa and India. Once you enable the ICanVPN service, you would be able to access Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Gmail and YouTube from China, Middle East and Latin America as well as watch premium GEO-IP restricted services like CWTV, Spotify, MLB, 4OD, Rara, BBC iPlayer, MTV, ABC, Hulu, HBO Go, RTL, Pandora, Xfinity, Zattoo, Eurosport, Fox, Viasat, Amazon Prime, Wilmaa, CTV, Lovefilm, Voddler, CBS, NBC, Demand 5, MioTV, Vudu, Deezer, iTV, Netflix, NHL, MyTV, CBC and USA Network from any city in the world. Additionally, due to the unlimited server switching option provided by the service provider, it becomes easy to unlock location restricted services from all the 26 countries with just one VPN subscription.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

ICanVPN offers fixed bandwidth plans to its subscribers. The amount of bandwidth available to each subscriber is capped at 50 GB per month which is sufficient for resource intensive activities such as streaming of TV shows and movies, VOIP, FTP, online gaming as well as downloading big files. Unlike bandwidth, there is no restriction on the speed available to the users so you can access your favorite sites without experiencing any throttling or downtime.

Privacy Settings

ICanVPN protects your privacy through PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols. While these two protocols are not the most secure VPN protocols available, they offer compatibility with a wide range of devices. The service is capable of protecting every application that connects to the internet (browsing, FTP, VOIP, messaging and emailing) as well as securing wireless sessions at public places from hackers and sniffing programs.

ICanVPN does not monitor or keep a record of its subscribers’ online activities. However, the company does record timestamp, bandwidth and IP address for troubleshooting and maintenance. Although the company does not sell or rent subscriber information to third parties, it will co-operate with the law enforcement agencies if a legal notice is served against it and a customer is found to be involved in illegal activities.

Supported Operating Systems

ICanVPN’s privacy solution is compatible with a wide range of systems including Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8), Mac OS X, Linux (Ubuntu and other implementations), Android and iOS (iPads and iPhones). Since the company does not provide a custom VPN client, the installation needs to be done manually. However, the company does offer detailed setup instructions for all operating systems so it becomes easy to setup the service on a device of your choice.

Customer Support

The company offers customer support through a ticket based support system. Although the lack of live chat and telephonic support is indeed disappointing, the company’s support team makes it a point to respond to support queries in a timely manner. The company also provides troubleshooting instructions for the most common VPN errors through its official portal.

Pricing Options

ICanVPN’s metered bandwidth (50 GB/month) plans are available from $9.95 per month, $23.85 per quarter and $71.40 per year. The company offers a 24 hour trial account (with 15-30 minutes of active connection time at a stretch) to allow new customers to test the quality of the service without spending money. Additionally, the company provides a 24 hour money back guarantee which should be enough to test all aspects of the service.

Final Verdict

ICanVPN is a decent VPN service but there are better options available in the market. Although the service boasts of an impressive choice of server locations, it does not offer unlimited bandwidth or OpenVPN based VPN plans. We recommend checking out the service only if you are not happy with your existing VPN provider or if you want an IP address from a location that is available with ICanVPN but is not covered by other VPN companies. For more information, please visit: http://icanvpn.com/

December 19, 2013

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