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How to Watch The Vampire Diaries From Overseas?

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

The Vampire Diaries TV series is a supernatural-romance and horror-fantasy show that made its debut in September, 2009. The series was created by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec for The CW TV Network and is based on a book by L. J. Smith. Although The Vampire Diaries has received mixed reviews from the critics, it has found ready acceptance among the audience in the post-Twilight world. The series was renewed for a fifth season in 2013 and was even nominated for several awards in the past seasons.

The Vampire Diaries Storyline

The Vampire Diaries series is set in Mystic Falls, Virginia, which is haunted by supernatural creatures. The story focuses on the love story between Elena Gilbert and the vampire brothers Stefan and Damon. Stefan doesn’t kill people or drink blood while Damon is more evil amongst the two. As the story progresses, the focus shifts on the mysterious past of the town folks and the Original Vampire family whose members have their own evil agenda.

The Vampire Diaries Availability

The Vampire Diaries series is telecast on The CW TV Network. All the episodes of the current and past season are also available for online viewing on the official CWTV portal. However, the episodes are not available for online viewing from all over the world, they are accessible only to people within United States. When people from outside US try to access The Vampire Diaries episodes online, they just see a blank screen. Such GEO-IP restrictions are especially cruel for expats and travelers since they are deprived of their daily dose of entertainment simply because they are out of USA.

How The CW Blocks The Vampire Diaries And What To Do About It

Content providers like CWTV scan the IP addresses of visitors to learn about their location and then block access to specific videos if an IP address fails the country check. These location specific restrictions are becoming increasingly common among online streaming services and help the providers to honor content sharing agreements and save on their bandwidth costs.

To access The Vampire Diaries from a different country, you need to change your IP address with an IP changing service so that your real location remains hidden from CWTV. Proxies and VPNs are often considered as the best IP changing solutions and they allow you to get a US based IP address with the click of a button. Although proxies are easier to use, VPNs deliver better speeds and top grade security which will help you to access CWTV shows at extremely fast speeds without revealing your true IP address or location.

How To Unblock The Vampire Diaries From Overseas With A VPN

Step 1: Join a VPN service that can deliver a US based IP address. To unblock The Vampire Diaries, you can select the unrestricted bandwidth and speed plans from CactusVPN,  SwitchVPNOverplay, and StrongVPN. These VPN companies are renowned for US VPN plans and are equipped to deliver best speeds and privacy required to access CWTV online.

Step 2: Get the VPN software from the VPN company’s site and do the installation as per the guidance provided or alternatively set up the VPN service by updating your system’s network settings. For handheld device such as tablet or Smartphone, there is generally no software installation necessary but you need to set up the VPN by modifying a few network parameters.

Step 3: Save the changes and restart your computer if required (not necessary for handheld mobile devices). With regards to tablets and smartphones, you just need to save and apply the new settings and close and restart the CWTV app to use the latest network configuration.

Step 4: Connect with the VPN service by pressing the Connect key or clicking the VPN icon. Depending upon your internet speed and location, it may take a few moments for any VPN service to pick up its default server.

Step 5: Search for a US based server if you are connected to a server from a different country. The majority of VPN providers have got servers in several countries meaning you would need to choose a server from US manually in order to unblock CWTV shows. Should your VPN provider offer multiple servers within US, choose a server that is nearest to your current address so that you can get much faster video streaming speeds.

Step 6: Visit the CWTV site again and click on The Vampire Diaries episode names to unlock them. To access the episodes from mobile devices, close the CWTV app and restart it to unlock all the features. If you come across any technical problems, make sure to contact the support staff of your VPN provider to get the issue resolved.

September 5, 2013

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