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How to Watch “The Mentalist” Online Outside of the USA

Friday, November 1st, 2013

The Mentalist is a police procedural, comedy and drama series that airs on the CBS channel. The series, which made its debut in September’ 2008, was developed by Bruno Heller who also acts as the show’s executive producer. The Mentalist has received a fantastic reception from the audience (IMDB rating of 7.9) and the series was even nominated for Golden Globe, People’s Choice and Primetime Emmy awards for its past seasons. The series was renewed for its sixth season which is set to premiere in September’ 2013.

The Mentalist Storyline and Plot

The Mentalist is focused around the life of Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker), a conman posing as a psychic who now works as a consultant for CBI (California Bureau of Investigation). Patrick enjoyed near celebrity status as a mind reader but when he claimed that his skills were used to create the profile of the serial killer “Red John”, his wife and daughter were murdered in revenge. Patrick now employs his hypnosis, observation, cold reading and pick pocketing skills to help CBI solve serious criminal cases, especially the ones involving Red John or his copycats.

The Mentalist Availability

For its first four seasons, The Mentalist was telecast on Thursday nights. However, from the fifth season onwards, CBS decided to move the show to Sunday 10 P.M. slot. The series is also available for online viewing through the official CBS site (cbs.com/shows/the_mentalist) but the show’s online availability is restricted just to US residents. US expats and tourists who try to access the series from a different country will come across the message – “The video you have requested is not available for your geographic region”.

How CBS Blocks Access To The Mentalist And How To Bypass Such Location Based Restrictions

CBS has partnered with several international broadcasters to distribute The Mentalist outside United States. Due to the content sharing agreements signed between CBS and other content providers, CBS no longer holds the rights to broadcast the show outside US. To enforce these agreements, CBS checks the IP address of all the viewers who try to access The Mentalist’s episodes online. While people with a US IP address are allowed to watch the episode, those with a non-US IP are simply redirected to the “Content Unavailable” page.

To unblock The Mentalist from an overseas location, you need to switch to a US IP address by using an IP changing service. By changing your IP address with a proxy or a VPN, you would be able to bypass all GEO-IP restrictions set by content providers like CBS. While proxies are much easier to use, VPNs offer faster speeds and top grade privacy so they should be preferred for unblocking Geo-IP restricted streaming services like CBS.

How To Unlock The Mentalist From Anywhere With A VPN

Step 1: The first step is to sign up with a VPN service that offers IP addresses from United States. To unblock The Mentalist from abroad, we highly recommend subscribing to dependable providers like Private Internet Access, CactusVPN, IPVanish, HideMyAss or VyprVPN since these providers offer a stable and fast US VPN service.

Step 2: After the registration process is complete, configure the service by either creating a new VPN connection manually or by installing the VPN client on your machine.

Step 3: Save the new connection details and restart the system if necessary. In addition, remember to close and restart the CBS app on your mobile device after you have saved the network changes so that the app can use the latest settings to connect to the CBS website.

Step 4: Click on the VPN icon on desktop or the VPN connection name in the Start menu to test the service. The time required to connect to the service usually depends on the internet speed and the physical distance of the server from your location so you may have to wait for few minutes before the service is able to validate your credentials and establish a connection.

Step 5: Once the service is active and you have been assigned a new IP address, check whether it is from United States. Almost all major VPN providers, including the ones listed above, have servers in multiple countries so it is highly possible that the default server of the vendor is outside US. If this happens to be the case, you must switch to a US VPN server manually by browsing through the list of available VPN servers and choosing a US server located close to your region.

Step 6: Visit the CBS website and check whether you are able to watch the latest episodes of The Mentalist by clicking on the titles of the episodes. If you want to watch the episodes on your favorite mobile device then you must close and restart the CBS app after switching to a US based IP address. Congratulations, you have successfully unblocked The Mentalist from every corner of the world.

November 1, 2013

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