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How to Watch the Late Show with David Letterman Online and Outside of the US

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Late Show with David Letterman is an extremely popular late night comedy and talk show hosted by David Letterman. The show debuted in August, 1993 and is produced by CBS Television Studios and Worldwide Pants Incorporated, the production company of Letterman. The format of the show is very similar to Late Night with David Letterman that Letterman used to host for NBC. The Late Show is noted for its humor and features celebrity interviews, comedic stand-up routines and live musical performances. The show was ranked 7th in the list of TV Guide’s fifty greatest shows and has won Primetime Emmy award six times.

Late Show’s Availability

Late Show with David Letterman is telecast exclusively on CBS Channel. The show is also available for online viewing through the official CBS portal (cbs.com). However, the online version of the Late Show is not yet available outside United States due to licensing issues. When people try to access the show’s episodes from a different location, they merely see the message – “The video you have requested is not available for your geographic region”. As you can imagine, these restrictions cause immense disappointment and frustration for expats and travelers who are hooked to the Late Show.

How CBS Blocks Access To Late Show

CBS blocks access to David Letterman’s Late Show based on the IP address of visitors. The IP address contains important information such as details about your current city, country and name of the ISP which gets transmitted to content providers like CBS when you access their sites. Since CBS has visitors’ location information, it can easily block people from accessing specific pages based on their location.

To access the Late Show from a different country, you just need to switch to an IP address from USA. The IP changing services like proxies and VPNs can help you to get IP addresses from any country of your choice. Even though proxies are cheap and user friendly, they may leak your real IP address so it is much better to use a VPN to access streaming sites like CBS.

How To Unlock Late Show with David Letterman From Outside US With A VPN

Step 1: Signup for a VPN plan from a renowned VPN provider. To unlock Late Show, we recommend subscribing to unlimited speed plans from proXPNHideMyAssPureVPNVPN4ALL, or IPVanish since these companies deliver an excellent US VPN service.

Step 2: Create a new VPN connection and specify the connection and login parameters. Some VPN vendors even provide custom VPN software (for computers) so it is possible to setup the service without having to manually create or edit networking parameters. The setup process is different for computers and mobile devices so make sure to refer to the correct setup guide while configuring the service.

Step 3: After creating the connection or installing the software, save the changes and restart your system if recommended by your vendor. For mobile devices, remember to close and restart the CBS app so that it can use the latest network configuration while connecting to the CBS portal.

Step 4: Hit the Connect button or click on Desktop VPN icon to establish a connection with the default VPN server. Subject to your ISP speed and current location, it could take few minutes for the service to locate and connect to the VPN server.

Step 5: After the connection is successful, check the location of default server. If the server is not from US then you must locate and use a US based server before accessing the CBS site. Many VPN providers offer their service from different countries so it is important to switch the VPN server manually in order to unlock the streaming shows on the CBS site.

Step 6: Connect to the CBS portal again and check whether you are able to watch Late Show videos and full episodes. If you are using a mobile device then make sure to close and restart the CBS app after changing the IP address. Congratulations, you can now watch daily episodes of Late Show with David Letterman from any country in the world.

October 3, 2013

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