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How to Watch the Following Online Outside of the USA

Monday, October 21st, 2013

The Following is a psychological thriller and drama television series which premiered in January’ 2013. The series was conceptualized by Kevin Williamson for Fox Broadcasting Company and is produced by Warner Bros. Television and Outerbanks Entertainment. The Following has received a good response for its first season (Metacritic score – 62, IMDB rating – 7.6) and its lead actor, Kevin Bacon, even won the Best Actor Saturn award for the show. Due to its popularity, the series was renewed for its second season which is set to air in 2014.

The Following Storyline and Plot

The Following revolves around a former FBI agent Ryan Hardy (played by Kevin Bacon) and his efforts to capture an escaped serial killer Joe Carroll (played by James Purefoy). While pursuing Carroll, Hardy discovers that Joe has used his charisma to create a cult of like-minded serial killers who obey his every command and are even willing to kill without giving a second thought. The FBI also discovers a far more sinister plan that involves abduction of Carroll’s son and murder of his ex-wife. Can Ryan catch up with Carroll and his followers before the matters get out of hand?

The Following Availability

The Following is telecast on Monday nights at 9 PM on the Fox channel. The latest episodes of the series are also available on Fox website (fox.com) 8 days after the television telecast date. At any time, you can watch up to 5 latest episodes of the series through the Fox website and app. However, the online episodes of The Following are only available to US residents due to content licensing restrictions. When the fans of the show, including expats and frequent fliers, try to access the series’ episodes from a different country, they come across the message – “The video you are attempting to watch is only available to viewers within the US, US territories, and military bases”.

How Fox Blocks Access To The Following And How To Bypass Such GEO-IP Restrictions?

Fox prevents international visitors from accessing the episodes of The Following because it does not own the rights to broadcast the show outside United States. Fox has transferred the international broadcasting rights to other channels and content providers by signing content sharing agreements with them. To enforce these agreements online, Fox has to check the IP address of each and every person who visits its website and only allow those who have a US IP address to access the episodes. People having a non-US IP address can browse through Fox website but they cannot access full episodes, previews, clips and extra features of shows like The Following.

To unlock the episodes of The Following from abroad, you need to use an IP changing service and get an IP address from United States. This will allow you to fake your location and bypass the location based restrictions enforced by Fox. While both proxies and VPNs can change IP address, VPNs deliver extremely fast speeds and top grade privacy that enables you to enjoy the streaming shows at very best speeds.

How To Unlock The Following From Outside Of USA With A VPN

Step 1: Subscribe to an unlimited speed and bandwidth US VPN plan from a renowned vendor such as Kepard, HideMyAss, ExpressVPN, Overplay or IPVanish.

Step 2: Next, download the VPN client and install it on your machine. If your VPN provider does not provide proprietary client or if you want to install the service on your mobile device, create a new VPN connection and input the server parameters and login credentials supplied by your vendor.

Step 3: Save the network updates and restart your computer if required. In case of mobile devices, you must also close and restart the official Fox app in addition to saving the new network configuration.

Step 4: Check whether the new connection works by clicking on the desktop icon or tapping on the Connect button. Depending on your city and the speed provided by your ISP, it could take few minutes for the VPN service to connect to the default server.

Step 5: Check the location of your new IP address by using an IP checking service. Almost all renowned VPN providers have servers in multiple cities so it becomes essential to look for and use a US based VPN server for unlocking US streaming services. Also, it your VPN company offers servers in several US cities then you must choose a VPN server that is located closest to your current address in order to get the best streaming speeds.

Step 6: Visit the official page of The Following series on the Fox website and click on episodes names to watch the videos. For accessing the episodes through a mobile device, close and restart the Fox app after you have changed your IP address. Congratulations, you are now in a position to unlock the latest episodes of The Following from any part of the world.

October 21, 2013

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