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How to Watch “Suits” Online from Overseas

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Suits is a comedy and legal-drama series which premiered on the USA Network channel in June’ 2011. The series was developed by Aaron Korsh while Doug Liman (of Bourne film series) acts as the executive producer. Suits has received a very good response from the audience (IMDB rating – 8.8) as well as critics (Metacritic score of 67 for season 3). USA Network renewed the series for a third season in 2012 and the show made its seasonal debut in July’ 2013.

Suits Plot & Storyline

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is a young and talented legal college dropout who slips into a legal firm’s job interview after a drug deal goes bad. After learning about Mike’s photographic memory and talent, the firm’s senior partner, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), hires him on the spot thereby taking a huge gamble. The two of them form a winning team but they must protect their secret from other people and at the same time Mike needs to brush up his legal skills.

Suits Broadcast Schedule And Availability

The Suits series is telecast on Thursday nights at 10 P.M. on the USA Network. The series is also available online though USA Network’s official website (usanetwork.com/suits). However, the online availability of the show is restricted only within US territories due to licensing restrictions. When US expats and tourists try to watch the show online, they merely hear the message – “This content is currently unavailable” (as well as see – “This content is not available in your location” on their screens).

How USA Network Restricts Access To Suits?

In order to distribute Suits outside America, USA Network has signed content sharing deals with several international channels and content providers (for example, Bravo! in Canada, RTE Two in Ireland, Dave Channel in UK, Seven Network in Australia and so on). The content sharing agreements signed between USA Network and its partners explicitly forbid the channel from broadcasting the show outside US. To implement these rules online, USA Network is forced to check the IP address of its visitors and then only allow viewers having a US IP address to watch the show online.

If you want to watch Suits online from an overseas location then you need to get rid of your non-US IP address and switch to a US IP. This can be done by subscribing a VPN or a proxy service which delivers US IP addresses at affordable rates. Although proxies are definitely more user friendly, most proxy services cannot match the speeds and privacy delivered by VPNs. This makes a VPN more suited for unlocking websites and online services which are GEO-IP restricted within certain countries.

How To Unlock Suits From Abroad With A VPN

Step 1: Sign up with a VPN service which can provide high speeds and IP addresses from United States. For unlocking Suits, we recommend checking the VPN offers of BolehVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, HideMyAss or HIDEIPVPN since these vendors are well-known for their US VPN plans.

Step 2: Create a new VPN connection on your computer, mobile device or router. A lot of VPN companies offer custom clients for Windows and Mac but you need to configure the service manually on other devices. Refer to the setup guidelines provided by your VPN company so that you can configure the service correctly.

Step 3: Save the connection parameters and login credentials for the new connection. Additionally, you need to close and restart the USA Network app on your Smartphone or tablet so that it can use the latest connection settings while connecting to its official portal.

Step 4: When the setup is complete, initiate the VPN service by clicking its desktop icon or tapping the Connect option. The connection may not be instantaneous since the connection time would depend on your real location and net speed.

Step 5: Once the connection is established, check whether the IP address allocated to you is from United States. This issue won’t arise if you configured the service manually but for software based installations; it is highly possible that you may be assigned a non-US IP address by the service. If this indeed happens to be the case, just browse through the server list section on your vendor’s site and choose a US server located nearest to your address as your VPN server of choice.

Step 6: Browse to the Suits page on the USA Network’s site through app or browser. Click on different episode names and verify that you are able to play the videos without facing any location related restrictions. Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked Suits from every corner of the world.

October 31, 2013

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