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How to Watch Rugby World Cup 2015 From Anywhere

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

The 2015 edition of Rugby World Cup is finally here and the event promises six weeks of unadulterated rugby action. The quadrennial tournament kicked off on 18th September’ 2015 and is being held in England with the grand final scheduled to be held at Twickenham Stadium, London on 31st October’ 2015. The current World Cup happens to be the eight edition of the rugby union world championship.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Predictions

Pool A is certainly the pool of death since Australia, England and Wales are all very good teams and would fight tooth and nail to advance to the Quarter Finals. As far as Pool B is concerned, South Africa is expected to lead the group while Scotland has a good chance to be the second Quarter Final qualifier. Defending champion New Zealand should have no problem in topping group C whereas Argentina is expected to be the second Quarter Final qualifier from the group. In group D, both Ireland and France have a good chance of moving to the Quarter Final stages.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Fixtures

Here is a list of all the matches scheduled for the current Rugby World Cup:

Pool A Matches
18th September, 8:00 PM England vs Fiji
20th September, 2:30 PM Wales vs Uruguay
23rd September, 4:45 PM Australia vs Fiji
26th September, 8:00 PM England vs Wales
27th September, 12:00 PM Australia vs Uruguay
1st October, 4:45 PM Wales vs Fiji
3rd October, 8:00 PM England vs Australia
6th October, 8:00 PM Fiji vs Uruguay
10th October, 4:45 PM Australia vs Wales
10th October, 8:00 PM England vs Uruguay

Pool B Matches
19th September, 4:45 PM Japan vs South Africa
20th September, 12:00 PM Samoa vs USA
23rd September, 2:30 PM Scotland vs Japan
26th September, 4:45 PM South Africa vs Samoa
27th September, 2:30 PM Scotland vs USA
3rd October, 2:30 PM Samoa vs Japan
3rd October, 4:45 PM South Africa vs Scotland
7th October, 4:45 PM South Africa vs USA
10th October, 2:30 PM Samoa vs Scotland
11th October, 8:00 PM USA vs Japan

Pool C Matches
19th September, 12:00 PM Tonga vs Georgia
20th September, 4:45 PM Argentina vs New Zealand
24th September, 8:00 PM Namibia vsNew Zealand
25th September, 4:45 PM Argentina vs Georgia
29th September, 4:45 PM Tonga vs Namibia
2nd October, 8:00 PM Georgia vs New Zealand
4th October, 2:30 PM Argentina vs Tonga
7th October, 8:00 PM Namibia vs Georgia
9th October, 8:00 PM Tonga vsNew Zealand
11th October, 12:00 PM Argentina vs Namibia

Pool D Matches
19th September, 2:30 PM Ireland vs Canada
19th September, 8:00 PM France vs Italy
23rd September, 8:00 PM France vs Romania
26th September, 2:30 PM Italy vs Canada
27th September, 4:45 PM Ireland vs Romania
1st October, 8:00 PM France vs Canada
4th October, 4:45 PM Ireland vs Italy
6th October, 4:45 PM Canada vs Romania
11th October, 2:30 PM Italy vs Romania
11th October, 4:45 PM France vs Ireland

Quarter Final Matches
17th October, 4:00 PM Pool-B Winner vs Pool-A RunnerUp
17th October, 8:00 PM Pool-C Winner vs Pool-D RunnerUp
18th October, 1:00 PM Pool-D Winner vs Pool-C RunnerUp
18th October, 4:00 PM Pool-A Winner vs Pool-B RunnerUp

Semi Final Matches
24th October, 4:00 PM Quarter Final 1 Winner vs Quarter Final 2 Winner
25th October, 4:00 PM Quarter Final 3 Winner vs Quarter Final 4 Winner

Bronze Final
30th October, 8:00 PM Semi Final 1 Loser vs Semi Final 2 Loser

31st October, 4:00 PM Semi Final 1 Winner vs Semi Final 2 Winner

2015 Rugby World Cup Broadcast

ITV won the rights to broadcast Rugby World Cup in England while Fox Sports purchased the rights for Australia, Universal Sports for United States, TF1 and Canal+ for France, ESPN for Latin American countries and Eurosport for most of the Europe.

For those who want to stream the matches online, here are the options available:

UK – https://www.itv.com/itvplayer/itv
Australia – http://www.foxsports.com.au/video/live
Europe – http://www.eurosportplayer.com/live.shtml
France – http://www.tf1.fr/direct
United States – https://rwc2015ppv.com/
Sweden – http://www.viasatsport.se/live/
Latin America – http://espn.go.com/watchespn/
Japan – http://www.jsports.co.jp/subscribe/
Wales – http://www.s4c.cymru/clic/e_live.shtml
Italy – http://skygo.sky.it/canalitv/index.shtml
Ireland – http://www.tv3.ie/3player/live/

While the above services offer the convenience of streaming matches on computers and mobile devices, most of them are geographically restricted to the locations mentioned above. This means unless you happen to be in UK (and have a UK IP address), you won’t be able to stream Rugby World Cup in UK. The providers have enforced these restrictions since they are allowed to broadcast the matches only in specific countries.

The GEO-IP restrictions imposed by the above providers represents a unique challenge for expats and travelers who happen to be in a location where the live streams of Rugby World Cup are not available. If you are a die-hard fan of rugby who doesn’t want to miss even a second of 2015 Rugby World Cup action then I suggest that you get a British or European IP address through a VPN service to be able to stream the matches from anywhere. Here are some acclaimed VPN services which provide IP addresses from all the major countries and allow you to unblock restricted content (such as Rugby World Cup streams) from anywhere:

Some of the decent VPN Services Supported include:

September 22, 2015

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