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How to Watch Parks and Recreation Online from Overseas

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Parks and Recreation is a comedy and political satire television series which debuted in April’ 2009. The series stars Amy Poehler as a bureaucrat and was developed by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur for the NBC network. Parks and Recreation has received an extremely positive response from the audience (IMDB rating of 8.4) and the show has even won Critics’ Choice, TCA, Gracie and The Comedy Awards for its past seasons. The series is well-known for use of single camera and mockumentary style of presentation and was renewed for its sixth season in September’ 2013.

Parks and Recreation Plot And Storyline

Parks and Recreation is focused around public officials working for the Parks department in Pawnee, a small fictional town in Indiana. Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) stars as a mid-level bureaucrat who has to deal with the antics of other officials pursuing diverse range of projects for the betterment of the town. The series also includes references to current events and features guest stars from time-to-time in order to make its episodes more appealing.

Parks and Recreation Availability

Even since its inception, Parks and Recreation has been telecast on Thursday nights on the NBC channel. The series is also available online on the NBC website (nbc.com/parks-and-recreation) as well as through Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming services. However, these options are available only to US residents due to content licensing restrictions. Fans of the show, including US expats and frequent fliers located abroad, would come across the message – “We’re sorry, but the clip yous elected isn’t available from your location. Please select another clip” whenever they try to watch the series online from a different country.

How NBC Blocks Access To Parks and Recreation And What To Do About It

NBC does not allow international viewers to watch Parks and Recreation online since it does not have the rights to broadcast the show outside US. The network has partnered with several channels and content providers to distribute the show outside US and in return the channel must restrict the show’s access only with US mainland. To enforce the content sharing agreements, NBC checks the IP address of its visitors and allows access to the show’s episodes only if a visitor has a US IP address.

In case you wish to watch Parks and Recreation from outside US, you will have to switch to a US IP address before visiting the NBC website. The IP changing services such as proxies and VPNs can deliver US based IPs at an affordable price and allow you to bypass NBC’s location based restrictions. Although proxies are more popular among masses, VPNs are renowned for their superior speeds and top grade privacy which is essential for unlocking streaming services like NBC from abroad.

How To Unlock Parks and Recreation From Outside of USA With A VPN

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN service that offers US based IP addresses. For unlocking Parks and Recreation from outside USA, we recommend signing up with ExpressVPN, IPVanish, SwitchVPN, Kepard or VPN4ALL since these companies offer great speeds and unmatched privacy.

Step 2: Install the custom VPN client if it is available or setup the service manually by creating a new VPN connection. Usually, custom clients are available only for Windows based computers while other systems (mobiles and computers) require manual configuration. Refer to the installation guides available on your provider’s site so that you can configure the service without facing any problems.

Step 3: Save the new connection details and reboot the system if it is essential. For Smartphones and tablets, remember to close and restart the NBC app if it is already running so that it can use the new connection details to connect to the NBC site.

Step 4: Start the service by clicking on the VPN connection’s desktop icon or by tapping the Connect option present on the mobile screen. In case your internet speed is very slow or you are located far away from the server, you may have to wait for few minutes before the connection is established.

Step 5: After the connection is successful, check the location of the IP address assigned to you by the VPN service. This step is optional if you configured the service manually but for custom installations, it is highly possible that the service may connect to its default server first which may not be from US. In such cases, you need to look for a US based server on your provider’s website and use it as your VPN server to unlock US based services. Also, make sure to use a server that is near to your current location in order to experience best streaming and downloading speeds.

Step 6: Visit the Parks and Recreation page on NBC website again and click on episode names in order to unlock them. To watch the videos on your mobile screen, make sure to close and restart the NBC app after you have switched to a US IP address. You should now be able to watch Parks and Recreation episodes from any location in the world.

October 24, 2013

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