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How to Watch Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora Outside the USA

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Several internet services are strictly regional and the companies don’t allow the global audience to access their products. To be more specific, we will talk about the US-based entertainment services online here. Netflix, Hulu and Pandora are among the most popular entertainment network in the US. They are popular in other places as well for their quality products and services; but unfortunately, these are not accessible from anywhere outside the US.

These services consider US-IP addresses for broadcasting their programs and shows. Here, you’ll explore an effective technique that’ll let you access all the major US-restricted internet services living outside United States.

Services offered by the entertainment-websites like Hulu, Pandora and Netflix

Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora are the most popular internet entertainment networks for users in the US. These networks offer paid subscription services that allow a user watch the latest movies, shows and music albums online. These websites are very similar to the free video sharing websites like youtube.com, dailymotion.com but on these platforms, no one can upload the videos and share. Rather, these companies upload the latest releases and let their users access those. Their services are strictly guided by copyright laws and the companies work as legal associates for distributing the movies and music to the clients across USA.

What is VPN and how does it work?

VPN or Virtual Private Network refers to a concept of surfing with anonymity. But later the users discovered some other innovative use of these virtual private networks. Nowadays, the non-techies are efficiently using the private networks to access geographically restricted contents online. Actually, these private networks work as a gateway between your computer and the web.

When you are connected to internet using your home network, the website you’re trying to visit will record your real Internet Protocol Address and restrict your access in such regional entertainment networks. When you will log into your private server online, your IP address will be masked and the website will be able to record the address provided by the private server you logged in. So, using a US VPN server will get you a US-IP and let you access the websites without any restriction.

Using VPN to access services restricted to users from the US

There are different types of VPN services available for the users online. Some of these services come free of cost, some come with unlimited traffic at a monthly subscription fee and some come with dedicated bandwidth cap with different traffic packages. You have to consider your preferences and day to day traffic requirements to find out the best VPN solution for you.

If you intend to use these entertainment networks using VPN, you definitely require unlimited traffic at a reasonable price. It’ll be better to find out a monthly subscription option for yourself. If you’re trying to access the favorite TV shows, movies and music albums on networks like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora, using VPN is certainly the most suitable option.

Using internet without accessibility to these famous entertainment websites shouldn’t be the only choice now. It’s possible to use internet like a US-resident even living outside the United States. VPN provides you the freedom and anonymity of browsing the World Wide Web.

January 7, 2013

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