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How to Watch “Mike & Molly” Online Outside of the USA

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Mike & Molly is a romantic comedy and sitcom TV series which made its debut in September’ 2010. The series was created by Mark Roberts for the CBS TV network. Mike & Molly has received a positive response from the viewers and its past seasons have even won Primetime Emmy and Young Artist awards. The series was renewed for its fourth season in 2013 which is set to premiere in early 2014.

Mike & Molly Storyline And Plot

The series revolves around the lives of Mike Bigss and Molly Flynn-Biggs (played by Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy). Mike is a cop by profession while Molly is a fourth-grade school teacher and both of them are trying to lose weight. They meet at a Chicago Overeaters Anonymous group and fall in love instantly. However, they soon discover that managing the romance isn’t going to be easy; Mike is good-hearted humorous guy who frequently caves into his mother’s demands whereas Molly is a quick tempered girl who has got into a lot of debt due to her obsession with shopping and traveling.

Mike & Molly Availability

Mike & Molly is usually telecast on Monday nights (9:30 PM) on the CBS channel. The past seasons of the show as well as its latest episodes are also available for online viewing through the official CBS portal (cbs.com/shows/mike_and_molly/). The online version of Mike & Molly is currently available only to residents of United States due to licensing restrictions. Fans of the series, including travelers and expats, come across this message when they try to access the show from abroad – “The video you have requested is not available for your geographic region”.

How CBS Blocks Access To Mike & Molly

CBS has partnered with several content providers to broadcast Mike & Molly outside United States (CTV in Canada, Comedy Central UK in UK, TV3 in Norway, Kanal 5 in Sweden). Due to the content sharing agreements signed between CBS and its partner channels, CBS doesn’t own the rights to telecast the show outside United States. To enforce these restrictions, CBS checks the IP address of people who are trying to access Mike & Molly episodes online and only allows people with a genuine US IP address to watch them.

It is fairly easy to watch Mike & Molly episodes from any location by using an IP changing service such as a proxy or a VPN. While proxies are cheap and easy to use, VPNs have the speed and privacy advantage which make them highly suitable for accessing streaming shows online. By using a VPN and changing your IP address to a US based IP; you can easily bypass the location based restrictions set by CBS and other content providers.

How To Unlock Full Episodes of Mike & Molly From Overseas With A VPN

Step 1: Register for a VPN service that offers United States based IP addresses. For unlocking Mike & Molly from abroad, check the high speed and bandwidth plans from ExpressVPN, Kepard, PureVPN, Private Internet Access or VyprVPN. These companies are well established in the market and provide IP addresses from several US cities.

Step 2: Install the custom VPN client (usually available for Windows) or configure the service manually (other systems and mobile devices). Make sure that you refer to the correct setup instructions applicable for your Operating system and device so that the service is configured correctly.

Step 3: Save the network changes and reboot the system if necessary. In addition, you must also close and restart the CBS app on your mobile device so that it can pick up and use the VPN configuration.

Step 4: Start the service by clicking on its desktop icon or connection name. The connection time is highly dependent on the distance of the server from your location and your current internet speed so you may need to wait for few seconds for the service to establish a connection. The connection time could be significantly higher if you are located in a far away country or if the speed provided by your ISP is very slow.

Step 5: Check the IP address assigned to you with the help of an IP changing service. If you configured the service manually then you would automatically get a US IP address. However, if you installed custom VPN client on your system then you may need to switch to a US server manually if the default server of your VPN vendor is located outside US. While making the switch, make sure to use a US server located closest to your current city so that you can unlock CBS shows with best streaming speeds.

Step 6: Visit the CBS website and click on Mike & Molly episode names in order to unlock them. To watch the episodes on your mobile screen, make sure to close and restart the CBS app after you have changed your IP address. You should now be able to enjoy the full episodes of Mike & Molly from any country in the world.

November 3, 2013

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