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How To Watch March Madness 2015

Friday, March 20th, 2015

The month of March is here which means it is time to catch up some basketball action. The NCAA Basketball Championship (also called March Madness) is among the most watched sporting events in the United States. As per official statistics, the championship game of 2014 was watched by a staggering 21.2 million people. Not only that, some of the Sweet 16, Elite 8 and Final 4 matches were watched by over 10 million people as well. As the excitement for this year event builds up, we reveal ways to catch the action online.

March Madness 2015 Schedule

The Big Dance would be held from 15th March to 6th April’ 2015. Here are the key dates for the championship:

15th March 2015 – Selection Sunday
17-18th March 2015 – First Round
19-22nd March 2015 – Second-Third Rounds
26-28th March 2015 – Midwest Regional
26-28th March 2015 – West Regional
27-29th March 2015 – South Regional
27-29th March 2015 – East Regional
4th April 2015 – National Semifinals
6th April 2015 – Championship Game

Where To Watch March Madness 2015 Online

The NCAA Basketball action is available on CBS, TBS, TNT and TruTV channels. However, if you prefer to catch the action online then there are plenty of options available. The best way to watch March Madness online is to visit NCAÃ’s (http://www.ncaa.com/march-madness-live) or CBS Sports official website (www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball). Mobile users also have the option of watching the event through official NCAA apps which are currently available for iPhones, iPads, Android, Windows Mobile and Kindle Fire. These apps come loaded with amazing features like live streaming, up-to-date scores and stats, analysis and storylines as well as live game notifications.

How To Watch March Madness Outside USA?

Despite being an extremely popular event, March Madness is not yet available to international audience. This poses a challenge to US expats, tourists and frequent fliers who wish to catch the event live but are unable to do so due to geographical restrictions imposed by NCAA and its partners. NCAA (as well as CBS) checks the IP address of viewers before serving them content and if the IP happens to be from a non-US location, the viewer can’t watch live games at all.

In order to watch March Madness from outside US, you can either access the NCAA feeds through third party websites or change the IP address of your device through an IP changing solution. The option of watching live games through third party sites is not very reliable since the speeds are quite slow and the sites are often littered with advertisements. Some of these sites even ask you to download special video players (which are loaded with spywares or malwares) so it is not a very safe option either.

A much better option to watch the NCAA Championship games online is to get a US IP address through a proxy or a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Here again, the use of proxies could prove unreliable since they might be blacklisted by NCAA or its partners or may not be able to deliver high speeds required for streaming. For those who wish to catch the March Madness action in its full glory, we recommend subscribing to a reliable US VPN service. Some of the most trusted VPN service providers which offer US IP addresses include HideMyAss, IPVanish, PureVPN, ExpressVPN and VyprVPN.

How To Unlock March Madness For Free With A VPN

If you do not want to spend money on a VPN subscription then you can check out one of the free VPN services or free trials that we have listed on our site. However, you must keep in mind that free VPN services do not deliver optimum speeds required for streaming and they may have impose bandwidth limits as well. Below we show how you can unlock March madness with a free VPN service:

1) Sign up for a free VPN service (such as proXPN or CyberGhost).

2) Once the registration is successful, you need to download and install VPN client on your laptop or mobile device. Most of the VPN providers offer VPN clients but others may require you to set up the service manually. If you are configuring the service manually, make sure to refer to the step-by-step configuration instructions provided by your service provider.

3) Once the configuration is complete, save the changes and reboot the machine (usually not required for Smartphones and tablets). Your VPN connection is ready for use!

4) Start the service by clicking on the VPN service or app icon.

5) Once you are connected, choose a US based VPN server to unlock March Madness. If you are not automatically connected to a US based server, you may have to choose one from the list of VPN servers available. Once you have switch to a US server, verify that your IP has been changed by visiting an IP checking site (such as whatismyip.com)

6) Connect to NCAA or CBS Sports website or open the NCAA app to see the Championship games. If the app still gives location related error messages, you may need to close and restart the app.

March 20, 2015

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