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How to Watch ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Show Online from Outside of the USA

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is a late night talk and variety show that airs on the ABC channel. The show, which made its debut in January 2003, is produced by Jackhole Productions and ABC Studios and was conceptualized by Jimmy Kimmel himself. Jimmy Kimmel Live! has received a good response from the audience (IMDB rating of 6.5) and the show has the distinction of being the longest running late night talk show on the ABC channel. As of 2013, the show has seen 11 seasons and more than 2000 episodes and it even has its own iOS and Android apps.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Premise

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is basically a talk show in which Jimmy interviews celebrity guests. The show features an interesting lineup of guests including actors, singers, politicians and comedians. The show was aired live for first few seasons but nowadays it is recorded few hours before the actual broadcast. However, special editions of the show that are broadcast immediately after events like Academy awards are still aired live. ABC airs new episodes of the series from Monday-Thursday and a special recap episode on Friday that shows highlights from the current week.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Broadcast Schedule And Availability

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is telecast at 11:35 P.M. on the ABC Channel. The series episodes are also available on the internet through the official Jimmy Kimmel Live! page on the ABC portal (abc.go.com/shows/jimmy-kimmel-live). Due to content licensing restrictions, ABC permits only US residents (people with US IP addresses) to access the show online while redirecting international viewers to a “Content Unavailable” page that displays the following message – “You appear to be outside the United States or its territories. Due to international rights agreements, we only offer this video to viewers located within the United States and its territories”. The inaccessibility of US shows online is indeed a bad news for expats, students and tourists since they cannot watch their favorite shows once they fly out of the country.

How ABC Blocks Jimmy Kimmel Live! Online?

ABC cannot allow people from outside US to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! online since it has tied up with many international channels to distribute the series abroad (for example, HOT3 channel in Israel and City channel in Canada). Due to the content sharing agreements signed between ABC and its partners, the network loses the rights to broadcast the show outside US territories. These restrictions are even applicable for the online version of the show and ABC is forced to block international visitors (people with non-US IP addresses) from accessing the show online.

If you wish to have your daily dose of Jimmy Kimmel Live! from an overseas location, you must abandon the IP address provided by your local ISP and switch to a US IP address. While changing IP address does sound like rocket science, in reality it is a simple task that can be achieved by subscribing to an IP changing service such as a proxy or a VPN. Before subscribing to an IP changing service, it is worth keeping in mind that VPNs offer far more security features and much better speeds so they are more suited for unlocking streaming TV shows online.

How To Unlock Jimmy Kimmel Live! From Overseas With A VPN

Step 1: Join a VPN service that offers fast speeds as well as IP addresses from United States. If you have no experience in dealing with VPN companies, we recommend subscribing to HideMyAss, IPVanish, PureVPN, StrongVPN or ExpressVPN simply because these vendors are already established in the market and offer unrestricted speed and bandwidth through their VPN network.

Step 2: Setup the VPN service on a computer or mobile device of your choice. While installing the service, you have the option of using the custom VPN tool provided by your vendor or setting up the service manually. Your VPN provider may not offer a proprietary VPN tool for mobile devices so you must use the manual setup method while configuring the connection on your Smartphone or tablet.

Step 3: Save the connection details by clicking/tapping on the Save button. If you did install a VPN client on your system then a system reboot might be necessary. In addition, you must close and restart the ABC Player (or Jimmy Kimmel Live! app) on your mobile device so that it can use the VPN connection parameters that you just configured.

Step 4: Click on the desktop icon of the service or tap on the Connect option on your Smartphone/tablet to initiate a connection with the VPN server. If your internet speed is slow or if are trying to connect to the service from a faraway location then you must be prepared to wait for few minutes to allow the service to establish the connection.

Step 5: After the connection is successful, you need to confirm that you now have a US IP address. This problem wouldn’t arise if you configured the service manually but for custom VPN installations, it is highly possible that the new IP address allocated to you might not be from United States. In such a scenario, you need to switch your VPN server manually and choose a US VPN server that is located closest to your current address.

Step 6: Visit the Jimmy Kimmel Live! on the ABC website through the browser or the app. If you cannot access the show’s episodes on your mobile device, remember to close and restart the Jimmy Kimmel Live! app after switching to a US IP address. Congratulations, you now have the power to enjoy the series from any location in the world.

November 25, 2013

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