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How To Watch ITV Player Outside Of UK

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

ITV Player is the on demand video service from ITV plc. The ITV Player service is available from the ITV website (https://www.itv.com/itvplayer/) and offers a range of programs from ITV, ITV2, CITV, ITV3 and ITV4 channels apart from offering some totally original programs. The service offers catch up programming for a period of 30 days after the program has been telecast on TV. The ITV on-demand service is also available for iOS and Android devices through native apps as well as for Xbox 360 and PlayStation consoles.

The ITV Player is an incredibly popular service within United Kingdom. The service has more than a million registered users and serves millions of hours of programming every month. The video on demand service caters to a wide variety of audience through programs like Emmerdale, Broadchurch, Britain’s Got Talent, Coronation Street, The Vampire Diaries, Endeavour, The Jeremy Kyle Show, Scott and Bailey, Plebs, Celebrity Juice, Perspectives, Midsomer Murders, Prime Suspect, Wild at Heart and Doc Martin.

While ITV player has made it possible for anyone to watch their favorite shows at any time, there are some limitations associated with the service. For instance, the service is not available outside United Kingdom due to copyright and broadcast restrictions. When you try to watch your favorite ITV shows from overseas, you will come across a message informing you that the service is not available outside UK. As it can be imagined, these restrictions are especially annoying for expats and tourists since they are not able to watch their favorite programs from overseas.

How To Unlock ITV Player From Outside the UK

While the technological advances have made it possible for content providers like ITV to restrict content based on the location of their visitors, they also offer solutions that allow you to bypass such restrictions. The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is that ITV player is only available to people having UK IP addresses. So once you are able to change your IP address to a UK address, you can easily access ITV player shows from anywhere. Let us check out couple of ways of doing this:

Unblock Using A Proxy Server

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get a UK IP address. By using a proxy server that provides a UK IP address, you can unlock ITV Player programs from anywhere. But you must also keep in mind that most proxy servers cannot deliver the ultrafast speeds required for watching streaming shows online. Plus a lot of proxy services leak original IP addresses so you may still see the Content Unavailable message even after changing your IP address.

Unblock with A Virtual Private Network

Virtual private networks offer a much better way to watch ITV Player from abroad. It is easy to get a UK IP address through a UK VPN service and watch shows like Emmerdale and Britain’s Got Talent that are blocked outside UK. Even more important is the fact that VPN services are able to deliver very high speeds that make them ideal for watching streaming videos online. Plus it is really easy to configure a VPN on iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone and a laptop so you can watch your favorite shows even when you are travelling.

When it comes to unlocking ITV player from overseas, you should only use the best UK VPN services. VPN providers like VyprVPNHideMyAssPrivate Internet AccessIPVanishStrongVPNPureVPN have excellent UK VPN plans and deliver very high speeds at a low subscription price. So it definitely makes sense to use these services to unlock the full potential of ITV Player from abroad.

May 2, 2013
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    SmartDNS enables virtually every streaming service you can imagine, and the servers are as fast as your internet connection.

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  2. Yasmin Ali said on October 27, 2013 6:53 pm:

    I need to whatch my tv showa i, outside the usa

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