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How to Watch “How I Met Your Mother” Online and Unblock it Outside of the US

Friday, October 4th, 2013

How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom that premiered in September’ 2005. The series was created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays for the CBS network and is inspired by their own lives. How I Met Your Mother has received an excellent response from the audience (IMDB rating 8.5) and its past seasons have won Emmy, Critics’ Choice and People’s Choice awards. The show has been renewed for its ninth (and final) season which is set to broadcast from September’ 2013.

How I Met Your Mother Plot And Storyline

How I Met Your Mother is set in Manhattan and focuses on the social and romantic life of Ted Mosby (portrayed by Josh Radnor). A much older Ted also acts as the narrator for the show and recounts how he met his wife Lily Aldrin (portrayed by Alyson Hannigan), to his children. The series is renowned for its unique humor and has gained a cult-like status among its fans.

How I Met Your Mother Availability

How I Met Your Mother is broadcast on Monday nights on the CBS Network. The show’s episodes are also available online through the official CBS portal. However, the online version of the series is available only within the geographical boundaries of United States due to licensing restrictions. Fans of the show, including expats and travelers, would come across the message – “The video you have requested is not available for your geographic region” whenever they try to access the series’ episodes from a different country.

How CBS Blocks Access To How I Met Your Mother

CBS has to block access to How I Met Your Mother since it does not have broadcasting rights for the show outside US. To honor the content sharing agreements that it has signed with other content providers, CBS checks the IP address of its visitors and only allows viewers having a valid US IP address to access the show’s episodes. International visitors can access the official page of How I Met Your Mother but they would not be able to watch the full episodes.

Since the IP address plays a vital role in revealing your true location to CBS, you need to change it to a US based IP before you access the CBS website. This can be done with the help of IP changing services like proxies and VPNs which hide your true IP address and location from content providers and allow you to virtually reside in a country of your choice. Although proxies are commonly used for changing IP address, VPNs offer much better speeds and top grade privacy so they must be preferred for accessing streaming services like CBS online.

How To Unlock How IMet Your Mother From Overseas With A VPN

Step 1: Get a subscription from a VPN vendor that offers US IP addresses. For unblocking How I Met Your Mother, we recommend checking the plans from ExpressVPNVPN4ALLStrongVPN, and HideMyAss since these companies offer a top notch VPN service and are able to provide IP addresses from several US cities.

Step 2: Create a new VPN connection and supply its parameters as per the instructions available on the VPN provider’s site. Some vendors also provide custom client so you just need to download and install it to setup the service. While installing the service, make sure to refer to the correct installation instructions applicable for your device (mobile or computer) and Operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS).

Step 3: Save the new connection details and restart your system if required. To watch the episodes through Smartphones or tablets, you must also close and restart the CBS app so that it can use the latest connection parameters configured on the device.

Step 4: Make a connection to the VPN service by clicking on VPN Connection name in the Start Menu (or its desktop icon) or by tapping the Connect option on your Smartphone or tablet.

Step 5: When the connection is established, check the location of the default VPN server. It is possible that the default server may not be from US so you must search for and use a US based server before accessing the CBS website. In case your vendor has multiple servers within United States, remember to pick a server which is geographically close to your current location to get better streaming speeds.

Step 6: Connect to the CBS site again and click on How I Met Your Mother episode titles in order to unlock them. To watch the series episodes on your mobile screen, remember to close and restart the CBS app after you have changed the IP address. Congratulations, you can now watch How I Met Your Mother online from any country in the world.

October 4, 2013

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