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How to Watch Homeland Online and Unblock it Overseas

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Homeland is a psychological thriller and drama TV series produced by Fox 21. The series is based on Prisoners of War series by Gideon Raff and was developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa for the FX TV Network. Homeland has received excellent response from the critics (Metacritic score of 96 for season 2) and audiences (IMDB rating of 8.6). The series has also won Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy and Critics’ Choice awards and has been renewed for a third season.

Homeland Plot And Storyline

Homeland focuses on the lives of CIA agent, Carrie Mathison (played by Claire Danes) and a Marine, Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis). Nicholas was kidnapped and held captive by Al-Qaeda for eight years and Carrie has reasons to believe that he is now a threat to US security. Carrie approaches her mentor Saul Berenson when she is unable to convince her seniors about her suspicion. Together they must find the truth about Brody, who is now hailed as a war hero, and prevent the next terrorist attack on United States.

Homeland Availability

Homeland is broadcast during Sunday nights on the Showtime TV channel. For those who love to watch their favorite TV shows online, the series is also available for online viewing through Showtime’s website (sho.com). However, since Showtime’s online streaming service is not yet available outside United States, people cannot watch the episodes of Homeland when they are out of the country. Even when the expats, frequent fliers and fans of the series from abroad try to watch the episodes from outside US, they just see the message – “An error has occurred while attempting to play your video: The video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current country or location”.

How Showtime Blocks Homeland And How To Bypass Such Restrictions

Showtime is not allowed to broadcast the series outside United States as it has signed content sharing agreements with other TV channels and content providers (TV2 in Norway, SVT1 in Sweden, Channel 4 in UK among others). To enforce these restrictions strictly, Showtime checks the IP address of its online visitors and only allows people having a US IP address to access the episodes. The international visitors are simply redirected to a Content Unavailable page informing them that they cannot watch the show due to their location.

Since the location is determined through IP address, it is necessary to get an IP address from US and hide your real IP before accessing Showtime’s website. This can be done by subscribing to a proxy or a VPN service. While proxies are more user friendly, VPNs have the speed and security advantage. In addition, VPNs almost never leak your real IP address due to which they should be preferred for accessing streaming services like Showtime.

How To Unblock Homeland Outside of USA With A VPN

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN plan that offers US IP address(es). To unlock Homeland from outside US, we recommend subscribing to high speed and bandwidth plans from StrongVPNproXPNOverplay, or HideMyAss since these providers offer best streaming speeds and excellent value for money.

Step 2: Download and install the custom VPN client available from your provider’s website. In case the VPN provider does not offer a custom client (or if you want to configure the service on a tablet or Smartphone), create a new VPN connection manually and enter the server URL (or IP address) and login credentials provided by your vendor. The setup process is different for different devices so make sure to refer to the correct setup guide available through your provider’s official site.

Step 3: Save the new connection details and also restart your computer if necessary. For mobile devices, you must also close and restart the Showtime app after you have created the new connection.

Step 4: Test the service by connecting to the default VPN server. This can be done by clicking on the VPN desktop icon or tapping on Connect option located next to the connection name. The connection time usually depends on your internet speed and current location so it could take few minutes for the service to establish a connection.

Step 5: Search for a VPN server from United States and use it as your server in case the default server is from a different country. Most VPN companies, including the providers listed above, have VPN servers all over the world so it is necessary to switch servers manually in order to unlock local content from different countries. Also, remember to choose a US server that is located closest to your current location so that you get the best streaming speeds while accessing the Showtime website and Homeland episodes.

Step 6: Visit the Showtime website again and click on Homeland episode names in order to unlock them. In case you wish to watch the episodes on your mobile screen, close and restart the Showtime app after you have changed your IP address so that the application uses the latest network setting. Congratulations, you can now watch Homeland from almost any location in the world.

October 3, 2013

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