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How to Watch Grey’s Anatomy Outside of the US

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama TV series that made its debut in March, 2005. The series was developed by Shonda Rhimes for the ABC TV Network. Grey’s Anatomy has received outstanding reviews from critics and has been the top rated drama in the 18-49 demographic for several years. The series also features on the list of most watched and highest revenue generating shows and has been nominated for Golden Globe, Emmy and People’s Choice Awards. The series has already been renewed for its tenth season which would be telecast from September, 2013.

Grey’s Anatomy Storyline And Plot

The series is set at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and focuses on the lives of its interns and residents. Each season roughly represents an academic year and showcases how the interns turn into competent doctors. Although most episodes focus on day-to-day professional lives of its characters, the personal issues faced by them are also portrayed in an effective way. The season finale usually involves the departure or death of a character.

Grey’s Anatomy Availability Online

Grey’s Anatomy is telecast exclusively on the ABC TV Network. The latest as well as the past episodes of the show are also available for online viewing through the official ABC portal. However, as the ABC Player is not yet accessible from outside USA, fans of the show cannot watch its past and current season’s episodes online from a different country. If you try to access Grey’s Anatomy episodes on the official ABC site from outside US, you will see the message – “You appear to be outside the United States or its territories. Due to international rights agreements, we only offer this video to viewers located within the United States and its territories”. Such location based blocking is especially troublesome for travelers and expats since they are deprived of their favorite entertainment options in a foreign country.

How Grey’s Anatomy Is Blocked Outside US and How To Bypass Such Restrictions

The rules set by ABC are simple; if you access the site from within US, you are allowed to watch all the shows and videos otherwise you would be redirected to the error message page. ABC relies on the IP address of its visitors to determine their location and has blocked the international IP range from accessing its streaming shows and videos.

Since the location detection part depends on IP address, it is easy to deceive ABC and access Grey’s Anatomy episodes just by changing your IP address. To unlock ABC shows, you need to get a US based IP address by means of IP changing services like proxies or VPNs. Since VPNs offer better speed performance and privacy, they are often preferred over proxies to unlock streaming services online.

How To Unlock Grey’s Anatomy From Overseas With A VPN

Step 1: Join a VPN company which provides a USA IP address. To enjoy Grey’s Anatomy series, we recommend choosing from IPVanishKepardVPN4ALL, or HideMyAss because these VPN providers offer decent speeds at a reasonable price.

Step 2: The second step is to change your current network settings or install a VPN program. The installation is not meant for mobile devices; however you must create a new VPN connection and configure its settings in order to enjoy ABC shows through your mobile device.

Step 3: When the installation or change of settings is finished, save and then apply the new changes. Additionally you may need to reboot your laptop/desktop computer for the network configuration to become effective. For mobile devices, you just need to save and apply the new updates and close and start the ABC Player application to use the most up-to-date network settings.

Step 4: Get connected to the newly set up service by clicking the Connect key or the VPN icon. Depending on your ISP speed and current location, it could take a few seconds for any VPN program to pick up its default VPN server.

Step 5: Choose USA based server if the default server is from some other country. A large number of VPN vendors have servers at many locations so you will need to search for a server from US to be able to unblock Grey’s Anatomy episodes. Should your VPN company provide larger number of servers inside US, go with a server which happens to be nearest to your current location in order to get faster streaming speeds.

Step 6: Browse to ABC website again and check if you are able to unblock Grey’s Anatomy episodes. To view the episodes on Smartphones or tablets, close the ABC Player native app and start it again. In case you experience any difficulty, do not forget to contact your VPN provider in order to get the issue resolved. Congratulations, you have now unlocked Grey’s Anatomy from all over the world.

September 8, 2013

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