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How To Watch DramaFever Full Episodes Outside US

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

DramaFever (dramafever.com) is one of the biggest distributors of international TV content. The service provides access to over 7000 hours of video comprising of more than 13,000 episodes from 60 content providers. The company’s content library includes Asian movies and TV shows, Korean dramas and Latin American Telenovelas which are available with professional subtitles. Besides desktops and laptops, the service is available for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices through native apps.

The DramaFever service is available only to US subscribers. This is mainly due to copyright issues since most content providers are not allowed to broadcast their content worldwide. As you can imagine, such restrictions can prove incredibly frustrating for US expats and tourists who are addicted to their daily dose of DramaFever shows.

Like many other content providers, the DramaFever service uses IP address of its visitors to determine their current location. While people having US IP address can watch all shows and movies on the site, visitors with a non-US IP address see a message that the service is available only inside Unites States.

To unlock DramaFever from abroad, you need to use an IP changer service that can assign you a US IP address. VPNs and proxies are known to be the most user friendly IP changing services that are currently available. Proxies are easy to use but most of them are notoriously slow so they cannot be used to stream HD videos. What’s more, some public proxies even leak IP address so DramaFever would be able to detect your real location even when you are using a proxy. VPNs do a much better job of providing high speeds and hiding IP addresses since they are backed by robust infrastructure and secure encryption protocols.

How To Unlock DramaFever Full Episodes And Movies Outside US

Step 1: The first step would be to decide on a VPN service having a server within United States of America. To unlock DramaFever shows, you can buy the unrestricted speed and bandwidth subscription offers from IPVanish, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, HideMyAss, OverplayInvisible Browsing VPN, etc. These VPN providers are well known for their American VPN solutions and are in a position to provide exceptional speed and privacy necessary for video streaming web services like DramaFever.

Step 2: Download the VPN application from the VPN service provider’s website and do the installation as per the instructions supplied or else set up the VPN service by altering your system’s network parameters. With regards to mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets, there is generally no software installation necessary but you need to set up the VPN service by customizing some network settings. Many VPN providers include detailed configuration guides on their sites so be sure that you check out the appropriate installation and configuration method available for your current device and OS.

Step 3: After the application installation or change of settings is complete, save and apply new changes. You may also have to reboot your desktop computer or laptop for the new configuration to take effect. As far as Smartphones and tablets are concerned, you just have to save the new settings and close and start the DramaFever application to use the most recent network settings.

Step 4:  Launch the VPN program by clicking on the VPN icon or simply click on Connect button to get connected to the VPN service.

Step 5: Make sure to select a USA VPN server if your default virtual private network server is not from America. The majority of VPN companies have servers in lots of locations around the world which means you will have to select a VPN server from US to unlock DramaFever services. If the VPN company has more than one server located inside USA, select a VPN server which is nearest to your current city so that you get much faster online streaming speeds.

Step 6: Connect to the DramaFever site and click on various links such as program titles in order to make sure that you can watch all of them without any problems. To access DramaFever programs through tablets and Smartphones, close the DramaFever native app and start it again to unblock all its features. If you face any difficulties, do not forget to contact your VPN service provider to get the issue resolved.

July 4, 2013

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