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How to Watch Daredevil on Netflix Outside of the US

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Daredevil is one of the most anticipated original series of the year. Based on the exploits of the Marvel character of the same name, the series promises to bring superhero action in all its glory to the small screen. Daredevil even shares the cinematic universe created by Marvel so if are a fan of Iron Man and Avengers series of movies, there is plenty to look forward to in the show conceptualized by Netflix. The series has already been extended for a second season and it will ultimately lead to a crossover series with Defenders.

What To Expect In Daredevil?

Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) stars as a lawyer who dons the robes of a crime fighter at night. Although he is blind, Matt uses his enhanced senses to fight criminals in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of the New York City. The series made its debut to universal acclaim on 10th April’ 2015 and all its episodes were made available for streaming simultaneously.

How To Watch Netflix’s Daredevil Online?

Netflix customers can access the show via this link: https://vpncoupons.com/discount/netflix-daredevil/. However, if you are trying to watch the show from outside United States, you will see the “Sorry,-Netflix-is-not-available-in-your-country-yet” message instead of the series homepage. That’s because, Netflix has decided to restrict the availability of the show only to its American customers. This means unless and until you use an American IP address to visit Netflix, you won’t be able to watch Daredevil (or other shows).

Is It Possible To Unlock The Show From Outside US?

If you are an expat who is based abroad or a citizen of any other country who is interested in watching Daredevil, there’s some good news for you. Since the series is not available elsewhere, you would first need to change your IP address to an American IP before visiting the Netflix website. This can be achieved by using proxies or VPNs. While proxies offer cost benefits, VPNs offer reliability and far better speeds. Alternatively, you can also use a SmartDNS service that are finding favor among streaming fans. Here are the steps needed to access Daredevil from outside US:

Step 1) Choose a VPN or SmartDNS service which makes it easy to unblock Netflix from anywhere. Here are some recommendations from my side:
HideMyAssIPVanishVyprVPNOverplayStrongVPNExpressVPNPureVPNPrivate Internet AccessVPNSecureVPN.ac, and EarthVPN.
Step 2) Download and install the VPN client supplied by your VPN service provider. If you have subscribed to a SmartDNS service or wish to watch the series on a mobile device, you would need to configure the service by following the instructions provided by your VPN or SmartDNS provider. The process usually involves modifying certain Network settings but is extremely easy so even tech challenged people can perform it quite easily.

Step 3) Complete the setup process by saving the changes. In addition, you may have to reboot the machine or at the very least, restart the Netflix app.

Step 4) Start the VPN service by clicking on its icon. For mobile devices, you have to browse to the Network Settings area to start the service.

Step 5) If your service providers has servers in multiple countries, make sure you are connected to an American server. This would ensure that you will have an American IP address and Netflix won’t be able to block you because of your location.

Step 6) Visit the Daredevil page on Netflix and see whether you can see the list of episodes. If you still see the Unavailable message, make sure to clear you cookies and restart the Netflix app. This will flush out the previous Network settings and you would be able to watch Daredevil from any location.

September 15, 2015

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