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How to Watch CSI Online Outside of the USA

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

CSI:Crime Scene Investigation (also known as CSI: Las Vegas) is an extremely popular mystery, thriller and crime drama TV series. The series, which made its debut in October’ 2000, was developed by Anthony Zuiker and produced by CBS Television Studios and Jerry Bruckheimer for the CBS network. CSI has received a fantastic response from the American as well as international audience and the series has even won Emmy, ASCAP and Teen Choice awards in the past. The show has inspired several books, video games and two spinoff series (CSI:NY and CSI:Miami) and was renewed for its fourteenth season in 2013.

CSI Storyline And Plot

CSI follows a team of Crime Scene Investigators (criminalists) who work for Las Vegas Police Department. The team relies on physical evidence as well as sophisticated forensic and technical methods to solve crimes and apprehend the criminals. The show is also noted for its character driven plot and use of gritty subject matter and unusually graphic images.

CSI Availability

CSI used to be telecast on Thursday nights at 9 PM but since the 2011-12 season the show has been moved to Wednesday 10 PM slot. The show is exclusively telecast on the CBS channel and is also available online through the official CBS portal. However, the online episodes of the series are only available to US viewers due to content licensing restrictions. US expats and travelers who try to access the online episodes from abroad come across this message – “The video you have requested is not available for your geographic region”.

Why CBS Blocks Access To CSI And How To Bypass Such Restrictions

CBS has signed content sharing agreements with several other TV channels and content providers for the international distribution of CSI. These agreements specifically prohibit CBS from broadcasting the show outside United States. In order to honor these agreements, CBS needs to check the IP address of people visiting its portal and only allow those who have a US IP address to watch the episodes. Visitors with a non-US IP are redirected to the Content Unavailable message page.

Since the CSI is blocked by scanning your IP address, it is essential to change your non-US IP if you watch the show online from abroad. It is easy to get a US based IP through an IP changing service such as proxy or VPN. Although proxies are often cheaper, VPNs offer speed and privacy benefits so they are almost tailor-made for online streaming services such as CBS.

How To Unlock CSI From Outside Of USA With A VPN

Step 1: Signup for a high speed and unrestricted bandwidth VPN service. To unlock CSI, we recommend signing up with HideMyAss,  ExpressVPNKepard, VyprVPN or IPVanish since these vendors provide a US IP address at affordable rates as well as deliver fast speeds and top grade privacy.

Step 2: Install the custom client provided by your vendor on your system. For non-Windows systems and mobile devices, you may have to set up the service manually since most providers do not offer custom software or apps for these platforms.

Step 3: Save the network configuration and restart the system if it is explicitly mentioned by your VPN provider. For unlocking CSI videos on mobile devices, you must close and restart the official CBS app in addition to saving the network configuration.

Step 4: Connect to the newly set up service by clicking on the desktop VPN icon (or Connection Name in the Start menu) or by tapping the Connect button on the mobile screen.

Step 5: When the connection is established, check the location of your new IP address provided by the default VPN server. If the IP is still not from US then you must check the available VPN servers and use a US based server as your VPN server. Most VPN vendors have a presence in multiple countries so it becomes essential to change the server manually in case the default server happens to be from outside United States. In case your VPN company has more than one server in United States, choose a server located in a city that is closest to your current location to get faster streaming and browsing speeds.

Step 6: Open the CBS website in your browser or connect to it through the CBS app (after closing and restarting the app). Click on different episode names to ensure that you can watch them without experiencing any kind of restrictions. Congratulations, you have just now unlocked the CSI series from all parts of the world.

October 17, 2013

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