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How to Watch Criminal Minds Online Outside of the US

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Criminal Minds is a drama, thriller and police procedural series that made its debut on the CBS Channel in September’ 2005. The series was developed by Jeff Davis and produced by Mark Gordon Company in collaboration with CBS Television Studios and ABC Studios. Criminal Minds has received a fantastic response from the audience (IMDB rating of 8) and its past seasons have been nominated for People’s Choice, Young Artist and Primetime Emmy awards. The show has inspired a spinoff TV series and a video game and it was renewed for its ninth season in 2013.

Criminal Minds Storyline and Plot

The Criminal Minds series is focused around a team of FBI’s BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) profilers who assist local law enforcement agencies in solving extremely serious and violent crimes. The team is based in Quantico, Virginia and relies on the scientific but controversial process of profiling to solve the cases. The series differs from other crime dramas by focusing exclusively on the procedural aspect of solving crimes which involves creating profiles of both the perpetrator and victims as well as matching the evidence found at the crime scene with historical precedents to anticipate the next move of the criminal.

Criminal Minds Availability

Criminal Minds is telecast on Mondays on the CBS Channel. The series episodes can also be viewed online on the official CBS portal (cbs.com). However, the online episodes are not yet available outside Untied States of America due to licensing restrictions. When expats, students studying abroad and frequent fliers try to access the show’s episodes from a different country, they come across the message – “The video you have requested is not available for your geographic region”.

How CBS Blocks International Visitors From Accessing Criminal Minds Online

CBS cannot allow international viewers to watch the episodes of Criminal Minds online since it has signed content sharing agreements with several regional TV channels. In order to implement these agreements, CBS checks the IP address of all the people visiting its portal and only allows people having a valid US IP address to watch the show’s episodes. International visitors (with non-US IP address) can access the CBS website and browse through the official page of Criminal Minds but they would not be able to watch videos and full episodes of the show.

Since the IP address is the focal point in determining location, you need to change your non-US IP address and get a US based IP before you can watch CBS shows. In order to change IP address, you can use the services of a proxy or VPN provider. However, most shared proxies are not really up to the mark when it comes to providing speed and privacy which is the reason why subscribing to a VPN is essential for unlocking streaming videos online.

How To Unlock Full Episodes of Criminal Minds From Outside USA With A VPN

Step 1: Subscribe to an unrestricted speed and bandwidth VPN plan from a provider that can deliver US based IP addresses. For watching Criminal Minds online, we recommend subscribing to Kepard, ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, PureVPN and IPVanish since these providers offer cutting edge US VPN plans at extremely affordable rates.

Step 2: Download and install the custom VPN client if it is provided by your VPN provider. For mobile devices and non-Windows based computers, you may have to configure the service manually by configuring your system’s networking parameters.

Step 3: Save the new connection details and restart your computer if necessary. For mobile devices, it is also necessary to restart the official CBS app after saving the updates so that the app can use the latest network configuration.

Step 4: Next, start the VPN program by clicking on the Connect button and wait for the service to connect to its default server.

Step 5: After the connection is successfully established, check your new IP address by using an IP checking service. If your new IP address is not from United States then you must use a different US based VPN server before accessing the CBS site. Most VPN vendors have spread their servers across multiple countries so it is indeed possible that their default server may not be from USA. While changing your server, it is also recommended to use a US server located closest to your current address so that you get better streaming speeds.

Step 6: Visit the CBS portal again and click on Criminal Mind episode names to unlock them. For accessing the show through your mobile device, close and restart the CBS app after changing your IP address. You can now watch the full episodes of Criminal Minds from any place in the world.

October 17, 2013

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