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How to Watch Continuum From Overseas

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Continuum is a Canadian sci-fi Television series which premiered on Showcase Canada in 2012. The series was renewed for its fourth and final season for the Canadian market in 2014 plus it was also picked up by Syfy for American broadcast in 2015. Continuum has won multiple awards in Canada and most critics have praised its slick production values and attention to detail.

What To Expect From Continuum?

Continuum portrays a dystopic future of 2077 where citizens are ruled by Corporate sponsored political leaders and are used to living in high-surveillance police state. Law enforcement officer Kiera Cameron (played by Rachel Nichols) leads a quiet and unassuming life when she is involuntarily transported to 2012 along with a group of rebels who call themselves Liber8. The group wants to change the past in order to prevent the rise of the dictatorial corporate regime which will rule over North America in the future. Kiera reluctantly helps the rebels while looking for a way to return to her family and home.

How To Watch Continuum Online?

Continuum is available for streaming through the Syfy Now app or on the web.

Like most US based On-Demand streaming services, Syfy is available only to American audiences. International viewers (viewers with a non-US IP address) are not allowed to stream Syfy shows but they can watch trailers and small excerpts for selected shows. When someone tries to stream full episodes of Continuum from a non-US location, he/she would see the following message:


Why Syfy Blocks Access To Continuum?

Syfy has bought broadcasting rights for Continuum from Showcase. Whenever such broadcasting and content sharing agreements are signed, they are usually valid only for specific countries or geographical regions. If Syfy were to allow broadcasting/streaming of Continuum outside United States, it could face a legal battle in the court. To prevent such a possibility, the provider checks the IP address of all the viewers and only permits people having a US IP address to actually stream its shows. Of course, this also means that even American expats and travelers are barred from watching Syfy’s shows since their IP address would fail IP and location checks conducted by the provider.

How To Watch Continuum From Anywhere?

If you want to stream Continuum from outside America then you must either change your DNS settings (through SmartDNS) or switch to an American IP (via a VPN service). These types of services can help you to hide your real location from Syfy and stream its shows from any geographical area. Follow this step-by-step guide to unlock the series:

Step 1) Sign-up with a VPN or SmartDNS service. Here are some recommended service providers which have VPN servers in United States and support Syfy streaming:

Step 2) Once your subscription is confirmed, you need to configure the service on one or multiple devices. Many VPN providers offer pre-configured clients for Windows and Mac but setting up the service on mobile devices often require manual configuration.

Step 3) Finish the installation/configuration process by saving all the changes. It is also vital to restart the Syfy Now app so that it can pick up the latest network settings.

Step 4) After finishing with the VPN setup, you must test that the service is working correctly. Click on the desktop icon of the service in order to initiate a connection with the VPN server.

Step 5) Once the “Connection is successful” message is displayed, you are ready to use the service. Before visiting the sites of US based On-Demand service providers, I recommend that you check the location of IP address assigned to you by your service provider. Since many VPN companies are based outside United States, they tend to have their default servers in Europe. In such cases, it is mandatory to switch to a US server to be able to unlock services like Syfy.

Step 6) Browse to Continuum’s homepage once again through browser or Syfy Now app. Since you have already switched to a US IP address (or changed your DNS via SmartDNS), you should be able to watch the show’s episodes without any difficulty.

December 8, 2015

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