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How to Watch ‘Breaking Pointe’ Online Outside of the US

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Breaking Pointe is a reality television series that premiered in May’ 2012. The series, which airs on The CW channel, focuses on the trials and tribulations experienced by the members of one of the best ballet companies in United States. The series has received mostly favorable reviews from the critics and the viewers (Metacritic score of 65 and IMDB rating of 6.2). The second season of the series aired from July-September’ 2013.

Breaking Pointe Plot

Breaking Pointe goes behind the curtains to reveal the inner workings of Ballet West, en elite ballet company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The series challenges the belief that ballet is irrelevant in the modern world and highlights the blood, sweat and tears that go into making of a successful ballet show. The viewers will also discover that behind the glitz and glamour of ballet shows there is an intensely competitive world where the dancers live through pain and injuries and dedicate their entire lives to achieve perfection in their beloved art form.

Breaking Pointe Availability

The first season of Breaking Pointe was telecast on Thursday nights on The CW channel. However, the network decided to move the show to the Monday night slot for its second season. The show’s episodes can also be viewed online by visiting the official page of the series on the CWTV portal (cwtv.com/shows/breaking-pointe). Unfortunately, the online version of the series is accessible only to those who have a US IP address. When expats and tourists (with non-US IP addresses) try to access the show from abroad, they just see a blank screen instead of the requested video.

How The CW Blocks Breaking Pointe And How To Overcome Such Restrictions

Content providers like CWTV routinely tie up with international channels and content providers to distribute their shows (such as Breaking Pointe) all over the world. When CWTV signs content sharing agreements with its partners, it explicitly agrees not to broadcast its shows outside US. In order to enforce the content sharing deals online, CWTV must check the IP address of people visiting its portal and only allow US residents to watch shows like Breaking Pointe online.

If you wish to unlock CWTV shows like Breaking Pointe from an overseas location, you must use an IP changing solution to get a US IP address. Although both proxies and VPNs can help you get an IP address from the location of your choice, VPNs have certain speed and privacy advantages that allow you to unlock your favorite streaming shows at high streaming speeds without ever revealing your true IP address.

How To Unlock Breaking Pointe From Outside Of USA With A VPN

Step 1: The first step is to order a US VPN service from a dependable VPN vendor. While there are hundreds of VPN companies out there, we recommend subscribing to VyprVPN, SwitchVPN, HideMyAss, or IPVanish to unblock Breaking Pointe from abroad since these vendors not only deliver very high speeds but also secure your personal details with the best possible encryption.

Step 2: Download and install the proprietary VPN tool provided by your VPN vendor. Since not every VPN company offers a custom VPN tool, you may have to configure the service manually if your provider doesn’t support custom installations. However, the setup process is extremely simple and even tech challenged people should have no problem in configuring the service on their computer, Smartphone or tablet.

Step 3: Save the VPN connection parameters and restart your system. You would also need to stop and restart the CWTV app on your Smartphone or tablet to enable it to use the latest connection settings.

Step 4: To start using the service, just double click on the VPN icon or select the Connect option on your mobile screen. While it shouldn’t take much time for the service to connect to the VPN server, you must also remember that the actual connection time depends on your current internet speed and the distance of the VPN server from your location.

Step 5: Once the connection is established, verify that you now have a US IP address. This can be done by visiting an IP checking website or by using the IP checking tool that comes with the VPN software. In case the default server of your VPN vendor is outside United States and you get a non-US IP address while connecting to the service, simply check the VPN server list of your provider and use a US server as your VPN server of choice.

Step 6: Browse to the Breaking Pointe page on the CWTV website and click on the episode titles to unlock full episodes of the series. Also, remember to stop and restart the CWTV app after switching to a US IP address to unlock the episodes on your Smartphone or tablet. You should now be able to enjoy the full episodes of the Breaking Pointe series from any location in the world.

November 29, 2013

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