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How to Watch Bob’s Burgers From All Over The World

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Bob’s Burgers is an animated sitcom comedy series which premiered in January’ 2011. The show was conceived by Loren Bouchard who is also the creator of the acclaimed Home Movies TV series. Bob’s Burgers opened to mixed response but its ratings have improved steadily over the years. After five successful seasons, the sixth season of series premiered in September’ 2015. If you don’t know how, this article will go over the steps that you need to watch online from anywhere.

Bob’s Burgers Storyline

The series is about the Belcher family who runs a hamburger restaurant. Although Bob’s burgers seem to have the perfect recipe, more and more customers are heading to rival restaurants like Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria. Despite having a loyal fan base, the Belchers (Bob, Linda and children Tina, Gene, and Louise) need to work harder in order to see more success from their restaurant business.

How to Watch Bob’s Burgers?

Fox telecasts Bob’s Burgers on Sunday nights. Fans of online streaming can watch the show’s latest episodes via this link:

However, people based outside United States cannot stream the series episodes through the above link. That’s because Fox has tied up with a number of TV channels and content providers to distribute the show outside America. As a part of content sharing agreements signed with its partner channels, Fox has given up the rights to broadcast the series in international markets. Of course, these restrictions are also applicable on US expats and business travelers who are forbidden from accessing Fox’s shows because of their non-US IP addresses.

How To Bypass Fox’s Geographical Restrictions And Watch Bob’s Burgers From Anywhere?

If you are a fan of Bob’s Burgers and would like to stream the series from a non-US location then you need to change your IP address/DNS settings before visiting the Fox website. This will help you to “virtually reside” in United States and allow you to access content which is normally available only to the American viewers. Here are the steps required to unlock Bob’s Burgers (as well as other Fox’s shows) from an overseas location:

Step 1) Sign up with a provider which offer US IP addresses or Fox-ready DNS settings. Since choosing the right VPN/SmartDNS service could be a time consuming process, I have listed down the best service providers below:

Step 2) Configure the VPN/SmartDNS service on your computer or mobile device by following the setup instructions that came along with the welcome email. Most providers listed above provide a pre-configured software to their subscribers so setting up the service is usually not a difficult task. And even if the VPN/SmartDNS client is not available, you can easily configure the service by modifying the network settings of your device.

Step 3) Once you have changed the network settings of your device, it is time to save the changes. For mobile devices, it is equally essential to stop the Fox app, clear the cache data associated with it and restart it.

Step 4) Start the VPN/SmartDNS service by clicking on its desktop icon. The service will perform its magic in the background and establish a connection with the default VPN server (or the server address specified by you manually).

Step 5) Once you are connected to a VPN server, you would be assigned a new IP address. Before visiting Fox’s site, I would urge you to double-check whether your IP has indeed changed and whether it is from United States. A lot of VPN companies have default servers located outside US so you may get a non-US IP address upon connecting to the service. If this happens to be the case with your provider as well, simply choose a US VPN server from the list of available servers and connect to it.

Step 6) Visit the Bob’s Burgers through your favorite browser/Fox app. Since you now have an American IP address, Fox would allow you to stream the series without showing any error messages.

January 19, 2016

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