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How to Watch Boardwalk Empire Outside of the US

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Boardwalk Empire is a crime and period drama TV series which made its debut in 2009. The series is an adaptation of the book “Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City” written by Nelson Johnson. The series was developed by Terence Winter (of The Sopranos fame) for HBO and its pilot episode was directed by none other than Martin Scorsese. Boardwalk Empire has received mostly positive response from critics who have lauded the accuracy of historical figures and the show’s distinctive visual style. The series has won Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy awards and has been renewed for a fourth season.

Boardwalk Empire Plot And Storyline

Boardwalk Empire is set in the Atlantic City during the Prohibition era (1920-30). The story focuses on Enoch Thompson (based on the real life of Enoch L. Johnson and played by Steve Buscemi), a politician and crime kingpin who controls the city. Enoch becomes a subject of federal investigation for leading a lavish lifestyle and possible mob connections. The series also showcases Enoch’s interactions with politicians, mobsters, agents and common people.

Boardwalk Empire Availability

Boardwalk Empire is available exclusively on the HBO Channel. The past season and the latest episodes of the series are also available for online viewing through the HBO Go streaming service. But since the HBO Go service is not available America, fans of the series would not be able to watch its latest episodes online from outside of United States. If you try to access HBO Go from outside US, you will come across the message – “To access HBOGo, you must reside within the fifty states of the United States of America”. Naturally, such measures are extremely restrictive for expats and travelers since they are not able to watch their favorite shows online whenever they are out of the country.

How HBO Is Able To Block Access To Boardwalk Empire

Like several other content providers, HBO has signed content sharing agreements with other content providers which prohibit it from broadcasting the Boardwalk Empire series outside US. To honor these agreements, HBO scans the IP address of its visitors and checks for their location before granting them access to the episode videos. People who try to access the episodes from a different country are simply redirected to the error message page.

To access Boardwalk Empire episodes from a different location, you would need to change your IP address before you visit the HBO Go website. There are several IP changing services like proxies and VPNs available that allow changing IP address with ease and hiding your real IP address from content providers like HBO. For unblocking streaming services like HBO Go, use of a VPN is recommended since VPNs deliver excellent speeds and privacy.

How To Unlock Boardwalk Empire Outside US With A VPN

Step 1: The initial step is to find a VPN company having at least one VPN server inside US. For unlocking Boardwalk Empire, we recommend subscribing to VyprVPNExpressVPNPureVPN, or SwitchVPN simply because these VPN providers deliver unparallel speeds at an affordable subscription fees.

Step 2: Get the custom VPN client from the VPN provider’s site and install it as per the instructions available or simply configure the VPN service by updating the system’s network parameters. For mobile devices, there is generally no installation needed but you must set up the VPN by modifying some network settings. Almost all VPN vendors provide detailed setup guides so make sure to follow the setup plan meant for your device and operating system.

Step 3: When the software installation or service configuration is complete, save the changes. You may also need to restart your machine for the setting changes to become effective. As far as mobile devices are concerned, you simply need to save and apply the new updates and restart the HBO Go app to use the latest network settings.

Step 4: Start the VPN service by clicking the VPN icon or tapping the Connect button.

Step 5: Pick a US based server in case you are not connected to an American VPN server. Most VPN vendors have got servers in a number of countries so you would be required to choose a VPN server from US manually to be able to unblock Boardwalk Empire episodes. Should your VPN company offer a lot of server choices within US, choose a server which happens to be closest to your current location so that you get faster streaming speeds.

Step 6: Get connected to the HBO Go website and ensure that you are able to watch Boardwalk Empire episodes without any problems. To view the episodes through Smartphones and tablets, simply close the HBO Go native app and restart it. Congratulations for unlocking Boardwalk Empire episodes from every corner of the planet.

September 4, 2013

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