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How To Watch BBC One Live Stream Outside UK

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

BBC One is one of the most popular offerings from the house of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The channel programs are available through traditional mediums such as cable broadcasts as well as through simulcast from BBC One online website. The online version of the channel has made it possible for people to watch their favorite programs on Smart TVs, tablets, laptops and smartphones at any time.

BBC One broadcasts some of the most watched TV shows in the United Kingdom. The most popular BBC One programs like Eastenders, Doctor Who, The Prisoners, The Syndicate, The Voice UK, MasterChef, Casualty, The Wright Way, Panorama and BBC Breakfast are regularly watched by millions of people every week. So it is no wonder that people flock to BBC One website to watch live stream, program highlights and missed shows.

Viewing Limitations Outside the USA

Even though the online version of BBC One offers a great service to the channel patrons, it comes with a severe limitation. Just like several other video streaming services, the BBC One programs and reruns are available only inside United Kingdom. If you try to access the TV shows and live streams from abroad, you will see a Content Unavailable message.

The BBC channel follows this approach since very often it does not have rights to broadcast its programs outside UK. For this reason, the website uses sophisticated techniques to determine the location of its viewers. These GEOIP restrictive measures cause severe problems to British expats, frequent fliers and students who are studying abroad since they are forced to miss their favorite shows and live programs.

How To Unlock BBC One Programs From Outside of UK with a VPN

While it may seem otherwise, it is indeed possible to watch BC One programs outside UK. The important thing to remember here is that the channel programs are available to those viewers who have a UK IP address. VPNs offer a highly secure way to change your IP address and unlock ABC Player from overseas. Most VPN providers deliver blazing fast speeds so you can watch your favorite programs without experiencing any kind of throttling. Plus it is really easy to configure VPNs on tablets, smartphones, computers, Smart TVs and even gaming consoles.

The following are some simple steps to unblock BBC One Programs:

1) Subscribe to a UK VPN service like  HideMyAssPrivate Internet AccessIPVanishStrongVPNPureVPNOverplay, etc.

2) Set up the VPN service on your laptop, tablet or Smartphone as per the instructions provided by the VPN company. The configuration usually involves installing a VPN software or changing some network settings.

3) Turn on the VPN service.

4) Connect to a UK VPN server from the list of available servers provided by your provider.

5) Connect to the BBC One website again or refresh the page to unlock all programs.

Using a VPN service is a far better solution as far as unlocking BBC One programs from abroad is concerned. By choosing a UK VPN plan, you can easily get a UK IP address and watch your favorite shows like Eastenders and The Syndicate from abroad which are not available outside of UK. Moreover, most VPN services deliver incredibly fast speeds so you can watch program reruns and live streams without any kind of lag or delay. Also it is very easy to set up VPN service on mobile devices like iPads, laptops, Android smartphones and iPhones so you can watch your favorite shows on the go.


April 25, 2013

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