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How to Watch ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Online Outside of the US

Friday, November 29th, 2013

America’s Next Top Model is a reality TV series that airs on The CW channel. The series was conceptualized and developed by the supermodel and TV personality Tyra Banks, who also acts as the producer, host and judge for the show. America’s Next Top Model has received a positive response from the critics as well as the viewers and the series enjoyed its best rankings during the 2007-2010 period. The show has inspired several international versions, clothing and accessory lines as well as a video game of the same name. The twentieth season of the series went on air in August’ 2013 and the series has already been renewed for its twenty first season.

America’s Next Top Model Plot

America’s Next Top Model is a cyclical competition where girls with diverse backgrounds compete to become the next famous supermodel. The series kicks off with 10-14 contestants and a panel of three to four judges. The contestants get a makeover at the beginning of the season and the judges monitor and critique on their progress throughout the series. The competition also involves tour of an international destination with the final five or six contestants. Every week, one contestant gets eliminated, until the eventual winner is revealed.

America’s Next Top Model Broadcast Schedule And Availability

America’s Next Top Model was telecast on Wednesday nights for several years (season 3-18). However, The CW network decided to move the show to Friday night 8 P.M. slot from its nineteenth season. The latest episodes of the show are also available on the web through the official CWTV portal (cwtv.com/shows/americas-next-top-model). However, the availability of online episodes is dependent on the location of the viewers. While US residents (people a US IP address) can watch the show online without facing any problem, international visitors just see a blank screen whenever they try to access the series online.

How The CW Blocks America’s Next Top Model Online

America’s Next Top Model is available for viewing in more than 150 countries. CWTV has tied up with dozens of international channels and content providers to distribute the show abroad (for instance, CTV Two in Canada, FOX8 in Australia, CCTV-2 in China, VIVA channel in Germany, Star World in Hong Kong, Fuji TV in Japan and Sky Living in UK). As a part of the content sharing agreements that CWTV has signed with its partners, the channel must prevent international visitors from watching the show online by blocking viewers with non-US IP addresses.

In order to unblock America’s Next Top Model from anywhere, you need to get a US IP address through an IP changing service. Although both VPNs and proxies can help you to get a US IP address, only VPN companies have the capability to deliver blazing fast speeds and high encryption that is essential for unlocking streaming services from abroad.

How To Unlock America’s Next Top Model From Overseas With A VPN

Step 1: Subscribe to a US VPN plan that offers unrestricted streaming speed and bandwidth. For unblocking America’s Next Top Model, we recommend that you sign up with StrongVPN, LeafyVPN, HideMyAss, ExpressVPN or VPN4ALL since these vendors offer great speeds and IP addresses from multiple cities with US.

Step 2: Download the VPN software from your provider’s website and install it on your machine. If your vendor doesn’t offer a custom client or if you want to setup the service on your Smartphone or tablet, you must configure the service manually by referring to the setup instructions provided by your vendor.

Step 3: Save the VPN connection settings and then restart your machine. Depending on whether the CWTV app is already running on your Smartphone or tablet, you would also need to stop and restart it so that it can use the VPN connection to connect to the CWTV portal.

Step 4: Select the Connect option on the mobile screen or click on the VPN connection name in order to start using the service.

Step 5: Once you are connected to the VPN server, verify that your new IP address is from USA. This step isn’t necessary for those who configured the VPN service manually. However, if you used a custom tool to install the service, you must check the location of the IP address assigned to you by your VPN provider. If your latest IP address happens to be from outside US, switch to a US IP manually by visiting the server list section on your vendor’s website and choosing the nearest US server from the list.

Step 6: Open the America’s Next Top Model’s page on the CWTV website through browser or app. Next, click on the episode names to unlock full episodes of the series. If you still face GEO-IP restrictions on your mobile device, remember to close and restart the CWTV app after you have switched to a US IP address. You are now free to enjoy America’s Next Top Model episodes from just about anywhere.

November 29, 2013

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